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Elite: Dangerous

is a forthcoming space trading and combat simulator that represents the fourth installment in the Elite video game series. read more


Elite: Dangerous - community goals, news, events

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Elite: Dangerous - community goals, news, events.

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It's clear that the biggest update from the release will take place next week and the developers are working hard on it. 

However there are coming more additions to the game which must please all commanders. Now it's the possibility to see tags of discovered systems, who first scanned it and more. Explorers will have now easier job and they could also sell data per page to make the sales faster.

What will come next week? How can you imagine the community goals? Here are some examples:

The first is a minor faction seeking to expand their military capability by constructing a capital ship (one of Farragut Battlecruisers or Majestic Interdictors) which is obviously a huge undertaking so they’ll require a lot of support and resources to successfully construct the warship. The commander who contributes the most to the construction will have the opportunity to name the ship.


One of the other community goals will be a more involved process enabling the expansion into an unpopulated system. This will be a three stage process. The first step is for us and the DDF to establish a short list of candidate systems. The aim for this initial colony is to support further exploration and to act as a hub for other expansion in the region. Once we have the shortlist players will be invited to map the candidate systems and whichever system has the most data about it sold will be the target system. A community goal will then start to gather the resources needed to build an Ocellus starport that will be deployed in the chosen star system.

Of course more fixes are implemented into the game, improvements for AI docking, better handling of ship to ship collisions and much more.

If you want to help building our universe and what's happening in star systems then it's your time now. You can help to shape the stories and create events by yourself. Read more information on the official forum.

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