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Exploding Kittens – insane KS success! 2M in 2 days?

Exploding Kittens - insane KS success! This card game could be able to collect 2M in the second day.

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This new card game on Kickstarter wanted to collect just $10K but in the second day of the campaign the creators are almost at $2M milestone! And honestly the idea is very simple and easy. Take card one by one from the deck on a table and who gets an exploding kitten is out of the game. That's it. 

Of course there are more cards, more possibilities how to safe yourself but the idea is only about the luck. Not to draw the killing card.

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Can it be enough to make people crazy? It seems and proved that it is. The campaign and graphics is well done and funny to watch. Did you think that it is hard to get a lot of money through KS? Now another successful project has emerged and tells everyone that good idea and well created campaign kills all the disadvantages. 

Congratulations to The Oatmeal.

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wow, they got 3 million dollars in 3 days.

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