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Elite: Dangerous - grouping features coming?

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Elite: Dangerous - grouping features coming? Let's get some more info.

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In the last Newsletter #57 we can read that new multiplayer update should be released soon. Together with new ships. But what are the mentioned "Wings"? We've found out some more information released by FD.

This Tweet from FD says few words but not is really explaining.

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For those who thinks that it will be a paid update you can relax.

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But what you can expect in the update? You can find more information on the official forum:

A tiny bit more information on player wings:

It's the ability to mechanically group up with a small number of other players to share rewards and risk. So we are looking at:

* enhanced matchmaking for wingmen
* enhanced/clear feedback for who and where wingmen are
* shared information within the wing
* shared bounties and mission rewards
* on-going mission support for wing gameplay

To be absolutely clear, this is not anything to do with NPC wingmen (though they do sound similar).

And as an added caveat! This is what we are looking at, the final result *may* have more or less bits! To be absolutely, lutely-abso clear.

AI wings for hire should have been an option for a single player mode but because this mode has not been released there is quite a big chance that only player created wings will be available.

Elite: Dangerous is a gorgeous game but suffers from many missing features. And the lack of communication with friends, creating clans (organizations), groups and enjoying the vast universe is the biggest problem for many commanders flying in the space. And practically everyone must agree that right now it's more a solo experience and the social feeling is more than needed. Let's hope that this coming update is just a first small step and soon after will be many more leaps and E:D will become hell of a game.

Until then...

Good luck and fly safe!

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