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What is Keengamer? What does Keengamer offer?

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

What is Keengamer offering? What is its purpose? Why you should create an account? Why was it created? Find out more!

When we started to create Keengamer about 2 years ago we asked ourselves few questions. And the lack of satisfactory answers was the impulse to make our own website which should be used by everyone who like games. What were the questions? Why was Keengamer created and why you should give it a chance?

Do we have really good social website suitable for players? Is Facebook the best web for us, players? 

We are all playing games but there is no real gaming social website. There are many different webs which are using their own software, applications etc. But nothing simple and clean where you can spend your time like at Facebook with additional value. Facebook is fine but there are some issues which prevents real interactions between players. You are there under your real name and the core business of Facebook is to be used by everyone no matter if you like games, sport, movies, books or whatever. It is universal. Players are just a very small part of all the users. 

Can you for example imagine writing on your wall that you played with your guild until 5 a.m. and in the end finally killed a boss. And that you celebrated this achievement and drank beers for the rest of the night? You can publish it and say that you are happy but tired and must go to work a little bit drunk. But if you have your colleagues as your friends or even your boss among them then this is not possible.

However what if you can show off your success without the fear of being caught, without the fear of consequences? Keengamer is a place made especially for this. Tell your friends about your gaming experience, stories, chat with them, make other friends and everything under your nickname and on a website where everyone will understand you.

What's more you can also make more identities (nicknames) under which you want to be known. But they still remain separate and you can have more sub-accounts without any problems.

Where can I find all the relevant information about my favourite game? 

What are your websites that you must visit to read all the news about your game? Do you have to visit more of them? Official game's website, Facebook, Twitter, official forum, your guild's forum, Reddit, articles published at many of the famous websites (, Massively, Eurogamer, Polygon, Gamespot, IGN, PC Gamer and many more). What if you would be able to get all the relevant information at one place? 

Keengamer aims to get all these sources for you. You could just follow your game and we will publish summaries of all these news for you with links to the source. Keengamer is also multi-platform social website, no matter what you play, what hardware you own or what system you have installed.

It will take some time before we will be able to say that we cover all the news. We welcome everyone who would like to help us and collect these information for your game(s). We will hire more people which will help us with this task.

Can I easily create blog, newsletter site or just something where I can help others or write articles about games I like?

Anyone can create a blog where only him (her) will have the admin rights and can start publishing anything on his (her) mind. If you take a look at any Game page (for example Elite: Dangerous) the same looking page can be yours. Just Create blog in few seconds and that's it. No limitations, nothing.

You can become popular among Keengamer users and when the credit system will be implemented you could even gain money. We plan to implement the payment system in few months. 

Needless to say if you will write great articles, guides, help and communicate with other players and later get a lot of followers, it can even start your editor's career! 

Can I chat with others about games or genres I like? Do I have a place for my virtual friends?

Like we said Facebook is not good enough. Many guilds create communities, pay for clan sites or create their own. But what if we can provide it free for all? And connected with gaming database and with no limits?

We want to provide you here at Keengamer a place where you can meet with old and new friends, create your own private or public community page (Clan) and use our web to your needs. Of course it is just a beginning and more functionalities will be added later. 

If you want to learn more about the Keengamer's content and possibilities then visit another article Explanation of Keengamer's content where you will find more information. Or read our FAQ.

You must also understand that Keengamer is a newly born site and there is a long way ahead before it will become known among people and players. But we believe in Keengamer and what it can offer to you. If you want to help then spread the word among your friends and make your own blog or clan here.

Thank you.

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