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Albion Online - January 26 starts Winter alpha

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Albion Online - January 26 starts Winter alpha.

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The Winter alpha originally should have started in December but the official date is set up for 26th of January. The testing period will last 4 weeks and leaves a lot of time for players to kill each other in the beautiful world of Albion Online.

We have already informed about some of the new features here

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But if you want to learn more about farming then head to the official site.

You can also look forward to new buildings. In addition to farms, few more are being added to give players more options for creating consumables.

New weapons and armors are something all of us expect and is nothing surprising. 

But what about Guild Islands?

Players and guilds can now claim their own islands around the world, which will give them extra building space and alleviate problems with lack of land for player housing and other building space without devaluing owned land.

Changes to crime system

Newly there will be not only different maps defining the type of PvP allowed. You will be able to flag yourself as friendly or hostile in PvP areas.

Few extras

- controls options for remapping hotkeys for spells and abilities

- overhaul and rebalancing of weapons and spells

- classified dungeons per their size and difficulty

- resources node in the world will have a chance to become magical

- new territory types for guilds to claim and control

If you want to read the whole six-month roadmap head over here.

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