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Elite: Dangerous – Newsletter 52 is out

Elite: Dangerous - Newsletter 52 is out.

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There are only 10 days left to preorder Elite: Dangerous with a £4.99 discount. So if you are interested in the game then don't hesitate.

Frontier Developments studio is finishing the launch trailer and here is a sneak peek:

On 16 December, the fight for succession of the next Emperor is about to commence. And every one of you can choose which side to fight for. Be ready!

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Mac owners can download a Free Elite (1984). 

To get your copy just go to the store, where it is listed as a product, put it in your basket and check out – it will appear free of charge. If you don’t already have an account with us, to get the free game please set one up here. Feel free to get it even if you already have the PC version.

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