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Darkfall Unholy Wars

is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Aventurine SA. It was announced on 18 September and is a sequel to Darkfall. It is a PvP MMORPG where... read more

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Darkfall Unholy Wars - war over relics?

Author: KeenGamer

Category: Patch

Darkfall Unholy Wars - war over relics?

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Unique objects called relics were introduced into the game with today's patch. There are nine of them and they should create more struggles and wars on the Agon. Anyone can find it in the world and bring it personally without any ports or recalls to the church in his clan holding. All the members will then receive a clan wide global buff. Or he can be mean and bring it to a specific altar to receive an individual heroic buff.

Relics cannot be removed from the world, stored in a bank, bag etc. So all of this should provide more fights over them because every clan will have much better positions and will become more powerful. 

There are 9 relics:

Relic of Warfare
Decreases Siege Ladder spawning time to 10 seconds, delays enemy city warning message by 20 seconds and grants +5 arcane protection

Relic of Greed

Halves Globules of Greed consumption and doubles requisitioning speed

Relic of Aegis

Increases the damage absorbed when blocking and increases penetration damage against enemies who block.

Relic of Gluttony

Doubles food duration and halves potion cool down timers.

Relic of Deception

While crouching, increases movement speed, hides player information and silences archery attacks and movement.

Relic of Alacrity

Boost your clan mates Health and Stamina!

Relic of Avidity

Boost your clan mates Mana and Stamina!

Relic of Ability 

Boost your clan mates Health and Mana!

Relic of Hearth and Home

Help your clan mates get home quickly!

And what about the individual heroic buff? That is something insane and anyone could become a killing machine with it! (But don't get killed :-)).

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The Immolator 

  • Grants 4000 Health, 800 Mana and 800 stamina.

  • Hits are always critical.

  • All healing effects are only 10% effective.

  • Recalling with runes is blocked.

  • Dash skill is blocked.

Lasts for six hours or until the Immolator is killed

Check the video of becoming HEROIC:

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