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Albion Online

is a free-to-play medieval sandbox MMO in development and will run on multiple platforms. Full loot, focus on pvp, crafting and pve and player driven economy sounds... read more

Albion Online - big news

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Albion Online - big news.

Image titleFinally new update was released and we can get some fresh news. Firstly the Winter alpha will start in Q1 2015 and not in December as it was announced earlier.

But you will get many new great features and changes:

  1. Farming - will be available to all players including breeding and rearing livestock and mounts, planting and nurturing seeds, and fishing. So all the fans of Farmville are welcomed :-).

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  3. Consumables - potions and food will give players to restore their body condition and should be also an object of trading. And will server also as another material needed to craft new weapons, armors etc. Because hungry blacksmith just doesn't want to work.
  4. Siege camps & Additions to GvG - even smaller guilds without claimed territory will be able to fight against each other.
  5. Improvements to PVE, crafting - finally party system for fame and silver sharing is on the way! And over 100 new weapons and armor types will be included. Together with rare items in each tier. All these changes mean new spells and variaty in combat.
  6. Improvements to PVP - several new territories for guilds to compete over and better system to reduce zergs.

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