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EVE Online

is a video game by CCP Games. It is a player-driven, persistent-world MMORPG set in a science fiction space setting. Characters pilot customizable ships through a galaxy... read more

EVE Online - Phoebe expansion info

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

EVE Online - Phoebe expansion info.

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What's coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release on November 4th?

Long distance travel changes

Big changes are coming. Jump fatigue for characters using jump drives, jump bridges and jump portals. They influence also capital ships using gates, doomsday weapons and be ready also for sovereignty structure hit point adjusements, starbase weapon rebalance and more.

Unlimited skill queu

Finally you will be able to queue all the needed skills without the necessity to log in just to switch them. However Trial accounts will still have 24 hour queue limitation.

Multiple Market Sell Order Creation

Enjoy the possibility to create multiple market sell orders at the same time!

Bookmarks in space and more in the Sensor Overlay

Personal and Corporation Locations, Cosmic signatures and anomalies, Landmarks and Agent objectives will be visible in the Sensor Overlay with Phoebe. The overaly results will also be visible in a compass like ring on the ship HUD.

New Invention

Invention and reverse engineering are merged in Phoebe along with a number of other changes to this area of industry.

New and rebalanced exploration rewards

Better rewards for exploring. Including new items possible to find. There are coming also small changes in wormholes. Class 1-3 systems will receive Data and Relic sites which are now only in Null Sec.

New Notifications

Full roll-out of the new Notification feature with great configurability oever what you want to get notified about.

Mission Objectives Guidance

New information in the Agent Mission info panel will direct you to what you need to do next in your mission to complete it.

New cloaking effect versions for Covert and Prototype cloaks

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Different icons for armor and hull reps and cynos and covert cynos

There were often the same icons for different modules. That will be corrected and only unique icons will remain.

Scanner window separation

Separate windows for Directional Scanner, Scan Probes and Moon scanning.

Better ways into Expeditions

More information and a number of solved issues will make Expeditions more viable to run for explorers.

EVE XML API updates

Medical clone transfer timer, jump fatigue, jump clone and multiple character training information will be added to the EVE XML API.

Brighter Nebulas

Nebulas become brighter to create a better light environment in the game.

New sounds for structures

The sound environment in missions and anomalies improve with new sound effects added to common structures.

Trial account upgrade improvements

Messaging around limitations on trial accounts and the path to subscription are being improved in Phoebe. A number of limitations for trial accounts are also being removed, such as the ability to fly battleships and participate in incursions and factional warfare.

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