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Albion Online

is a free-to-play medieval sandbox MMO in development and will run on multiple platforms. Full loot, focus on pvp, crafting and pve and player driven economy sounds... read more

Albion Online - The adventures of an absent-minded explorer

Author: Xenpo

Category: Preview

This is a beginning of a new day in the colorful yet deadly world of Albion Online. Join us as our intrepid explorer attempts to emerge from his PvE shell. In this sandbox world, will exploration and crafting give way to a PvP behemoth? Please join us on this adventure...

Hi everyone, my name is Chase, and my articles will be your portal into the wonderful world of Albion Online. This is a new Sandbox MMO that is currently going through its Alpha Stages of development. Currently its features include classless, gear dependent characters, crafting, player housing and Full Loot on Death all out PvP.


Gearing up

For those of you who immediately cringed at the thought, I sympathize. I am what many would call a carebear player. I honestly cannot stand the thought of full-loot systems and usually shy away from PvP. I know you have heard it before, change in the world is constant, so I am going to ride that wind through this beautiful and quirky world and see where it takes me! I am glad to have you all along for the ride! 

More than I can chew

As I created my first character and emerged into the world, the first thing I noticed was the classless character creation. Your skills are determined by the equipment you wear. So if you want to be a fast swordsman, don light leather armor and a sword and board.Perhaps you want to mix it up even further, so you put on plate armor and carry a mage’s staff, to be a tanking damage dealer.

 Your abilities are determined by you at the time of creation of each individual piece of equipment you craft.  Crafting encompasses resource collection, refinement and construction. You will craft, or buy from another player, all the equipment you wear, as well as your house, its furnishings and other structures that allow you to make better weapons, armor etc. I will present more on this as I level my crafting skills.

 The land in the game is divided into what are called clusters (zones). Each one is either flagged for PvP or not. The deeper you get into PvP territory, the better the resources that are available. There is an auction house and PLENTY of Non-PvP clusters, so for all you that do not want confrontation, your grind might be a little slower, but doable. So far I have ventured out into the wild and am now able to craft Tier II gathering tools and Ranger Armor.

 I armored up and ventured out in the field to engage in a little fox hunting, only to get sniped by an archer mob.  My first death and I didn't even see it coming. I lost a fair amount in that fight, but I shrugged it off, re-spawned, crafted some plate armor, sword and shield, and went back out and extracted swift vengeance upon said archer. Not a bad first day in the office...wait wilderness, if I do say so myself. 

That was my favorite armor set...

 I am still learning, but feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have. My character’s name is Xenpo. The community tends to be very helpful, with your general snarky trolls tossed in as seen in pretty much every MMO these days. The developers are also very active on the forums, though they do have their set ideas about how they want the game to go.I consider this a positive, and there is no place for Albion to go but up in my opinion! Come join the fun!

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