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Because KEENGAMER site needs some help and was launched practically 2 weeks ago then we need to build up great content which will attract new users.

For this we have one account for you. What do you have to do? It is pretty simple. We will provide you with an account for Albion Online and you can play it as you want. There are just few rules which you must follow (apart from the rules of SANDBOX INTERACTIVE).

You must actively play the game (under the nick "KEENGAMER"), write stories, articles, news, taking screenshots and if possible also make a video or a stream. That is up to you. You will have the possibility to write articles under this Albion Online game page and it will be your responsibility that it is full of great information and attracts visitors. 

Of course if you will not be able to fulfil our expectations then other person can and shall be chosen instead of you.

So do you think that you are the right person for us? Do you really, really want to play Albion Online right now and are in the same time a creative person who loves writing and who knows how to publish interesting articles?

Than we need you. Write down in the comment why we should choose you. (You must register first.) If you have some blogs, games articles, experience and want to tell us other reasons why you are the best then post it or give us a link.

We will select the winner when there will be one. It all depends on the reactions but we will not give the key to a person who will not persuade us about his / her skills.

Of course if you are interested in helping us to build this new site then let us know also. There are many games which can become your personal professional game blogs. Or you can create other pages just for your fun or even create a clan and stay here with your friends and community.

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