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Entropia Universe – Planet Calypso Revisited

Planet Calypso Revisited - news about Entropia Universe.

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What happened in EU lately?

Technical upgrades:

Full support for Windows 64-bit and Windows 8 has been implemented.

Social upgrades:

Social system has received its biggest overhaul yet. Friend list adjusted, custom channels and tabs added, item linking and much more is in the game.

Reduced cost to play:

Several steps have been taken over to decrease the cost of playing. Fee for equipping armor has been removed, auction fees lowered and missing mobs while firing at mobs has been reduced.


There new instances. Try The Gauntlet (Camp Icarus), The Robot Beacon (Jennifer's Island), Cyclops Depths.

Account changes:

There are 3 new started packs for avatars and you can buy new Harrier armors, price starts at $5.

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