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Warframe Build Guide – Excalibur

The OG Warframe. The swordsman. The ultimate badass. The one with the most cosmetics. These are just some of the names that perfectly fit this awesome Warframe and today we bring you an endgame build worthy of his many titles.

Warframe Build Guide - Excalibur


Excalibur’s original design, along with Nyx was lifted straight out of that Dark Sector game no one remembers. As one of the first Warframes, he has the benefit of being one most well known by the community and the one with the most cosmetic items. So not only can you take him to the fashion-tenno endgame but you can also do an Excalibur build that will make him an absolute enemy melting machine or an absolute ninja badass.

Today, we bring you two such builds. And no, this build isn’t meant for Excalibur Umbra and it doesn’t take advantage of umbral mods. We about to go full vanilla in this ***ch.


Between Excalibur and his exalted blade – these builds will require a bit more forma – 6 to be exact. 4 for Excalibur and 2 for the exalted blade. Also, notice that some mods on Excalibur build are not maxed out and this is purposefully so due to their negative stats. If you throw another forma on exalted blade you can also max out your primed mods to make it even more powerful but I wanted to be as forma efficient as possible.

As always, you can use non-primed mod variants to emphasize the stats needed for the build to work. Also, keep in mind that both builds use Excalibur’s augment mods and they are a big part of what makes them work so well. 


This Excalibur build is all about power strength and efficiency. As you can guess, this one will mostly be about Excalibur’s fourth ability – exalted blade. Don’t worry about the negative power duration since high efficiency coupled with primed flow will make it possible to have exalted blade turned on almost indefinitely.

The inclusion of Chromatic Blade augment will make your exalted blade change primarily dealing damage of your chosen energy color. Also, if you manage to deal status damage just before activating exalted blade – you’ll get the additional power strength from growing power aura mod which will remain activated until you turn off your exalted blade.


You’ll also need to build your exalted blade and it will use a combination of corrosive and heat status effects + condition overload which will further increase the blade’s damage for each status effect you apply to the enemy.  Even though exalted blade has a low critical chance – the fact that you’ll be using it all the time means that berserker will often kick in, giving you insane speed in sending out those energy waves. The mod synergy is insane and will make you literally melt even high-level enemies with ease.


The second Excalibur build is oriented toward crowd control and is all about Excalibur’s second ability – radial blind. This mod setup will make it so that you radial blind will affect enemies in a staggering 70m radius and will stun them for whopping 19 seconds. Since stunned enemies are susceptible to finishers and you have Radiant Finish augment mod which increases finisher damage by 300% – you can count that enemy heads will roll.

Once again, you have primed flow and streamline so you can keep on casting without fear of depleting your energy. This setups also has redirection instead of vitality since you’ll be using two augur mods which will transfer 80% of energy spent on abilities, into your shields.

Keep in mind that enemies need to be in the line of sight in order to be affected by radial blind. So either stick to open areas or keep on casting and killing.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used   

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Why use Volcanic edge? Your status is perma 100% no matter what. Why not just go full heat with Molten Impact?

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