NPCs are Hinted at in Latest Apex Legends Leak

A new Apex Legends leak is in and that means new information is out. This time a hint on NPCs is what's going on. With details coming from Twitter there are hints all around with this leak.

NPCs are Hinted at in Latest Apex Legends Leak
NPCs might be coming in for the Apex Legends game. At least, that is what the game's latest leak is hinting at. There isn't any confirmed amount of NPCs to be released but from what was found by @RealApexLeaks, there are references to NPCs being able to use weapons and melee.

This is not the first time that NPCs were though. In a larger leak that was revealed last month, NPCs were noted alongside a hint on some type of new Gladiatorial Survival Mode. In comparison to that hint though, there was no concreteness to it nor details such as their possible weapon use.

Prior to the find of possible NPCs, there have been different hints and information dug up by data miners. A notable find were hints of a night-time mode, something that has been heavily requested since a suggestion for it from a fan on Reddit went viral.  

There is speculation that the hinted NPCs will be used for a revamped tutorial mode. Which would be rather useful given how lacking the current one is. However, these are but leaks found by data miners and do not have the full information.

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