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An explanation of Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Author: George Ash

Category: Guide

Apex Legends has three types of currencies players can collect, each with a unique way of collecting it. This guide will teach you all you need to know about Legend Tokens, including how you can get them and what you can spend them on. Check out our guides on Apex Coins and Crafting Metals to learn about the other currencies in Apex Legends.

An explanation of Legend Tokens in Apex Legends.
Players get 600 Legend Tokens each time they level up in Apex Legends, but only once they hit level four. Be sure to check out our guide to leveling up quickly in Apex Legends to maximize your efforts.

The first thing players will likely want to spend their Legend Tokens on are Legends. There are currently two Legends players have to unlock before being able to play as, Mirage and Caustic.

An explanation of Legend Tokens in Apex Legends. Mirage and Caustic each cost Legend Tokens to unlock.

They cost 12,000 Legend Tokens each to unlock, so if players don’t use their tokens on anything else, they can be unlocked at levels 23 and 43. The characters can be unlocked in whichever order a player wants.

Players can also use Legend Tokens to purchase skin recolors through the Exclusive section of the Rotating Shop, found in the Store tab. These recolors are only purchasable with Legend Tokens, but players must first have unlocked the weapon skin the recolor goes with.

An explanation of Legend Tokens in Apex Legends. Some skin recolors can be purchased using Legend Tokens.

For example, in the image above, The Fast Track is purchasable for 10,500 Legend Tokens, but only if the player already has the Nitro Kustom skin for the Devotion LMG. Players are usually only able to get the Nitro Kustom through Apex Crates or Crafting Metals, but it also happens to be available for players to purchase in the Rotating Shop using Apex Coins while The Fast Track is available.

Check out our guides on Apex Coins and Crafting Metals to understand how you can get Apex Legends’ other currencies and what you can spend them on.

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