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Apex Legends: Top 3 Controller and Gameplay Setting Changes

Do you want to become a champion, destroy your fellow Legends, and claim that honorary title with some simple setting changes in Apex Legends? Without affecting your current set-up too much, you can elevate your level of skill and maybe boost your stats. Here are some tips to improving your controller and gameplay settings in Apex Legends.

The new and improved battle-royale giant, Apex Legends has found its place among the hearts of the gaming community, including Fortnite and PUBG players alike. Sought after accomplishments like winning a chicken dinner or collecting all the power moons in Mario Odyssey have been the objective of streamers and casual gamers alike, but a new title has emerged, one that only a well-made battle-royale can create. The honorary title of Champion is bestowed on the last squad standing. The following tips won’t guarantee your next game a victory, but will at least help you, instead of hinder your gameplay. This article will seek to help you find the best controller and gameplay settings for Apex Legends.

Game developers try their best to give us the most effective default settings a gamer can ask for, but sometimes the players of a game can find a slight adjustment here or there that can make playing the game more enjoyable. Through my journey in King’s Canyon, I have noticed a few tweaks that have helped me secure a few extra wins. Here are the top three setting changes you can make to help you with your Apex Legends adventure.

Apex Legends: Top 3 Controller and Gameplay Setting Changes. Sensitivity Changes


From the moment I first started playing the game I felt like I was hitting my opponent much less then I was being hit. After giving myself a little over a week to get used to the game I found that while I did improve, I was still lacking proper tracking and quick aiming skills. The obvious first place to go was the Controller (or Mouse/Keyboard for PC) tab in settings and check out my sensitivity. It was on the default number, three, so I started changing it little by little, trying to find the best fit for my personal playstyle.


The result I found was that by changing the sensitivity I was able to hit more, therefore coming out of a firefight more alive than not. You can find the sensitivity setting by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom right of the screen, then go to the Controller (Mouse/Keyboard) tab and use the slider or arrow keys.

Apex Legends: Top 3 Controller and Gameplay Setting Changes. Vibrations


There is debate among FPS players if having vibration on affects their aiming while getting hit by an enemy or not. For me personally, I enjoy the vibrations in most games, but there is the chance you will miss that crucial last shot and get knocked down instead. For players who want to change this setting, all you need to do is click on the gear icon on the bottom right of the screen, navigate to the Controller tab and toggle vibration from on to off.

Apex Legends: Top 3 Controller and Gameplay Setting Changes. Damage Numbers

Damage Numbers

Not as common as the two aforementioned setting options but just as important. Damage Numbers is a setting which shows players how much damage they are doing to an enemy throughout a firefight. This settings default is set to stacking, which shows a combination of damage given to any number of enemies. By changing this feature to floating, the numbers for each shot will show and float for a little bit before disappearing.

Being able to see how much damage each weapon is doing will help players in tight situations where they will have to make split-second decisions. After clicking on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, find your way to the Gameplay tab and switch Damage Numbers from stacking to floating.

If you are interested in more tips for Apex Legends, check out this article for 5 tips to level up faster. I hope these controller and gameplay setting in Apex Legends will help you, and all Legends, on your quest to become Champion, see you on the battlefield!

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