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Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Frequently asked questions and more detailed information about KeenGamer, how it works, what you can do, what you can't do and other important stuff.

Below you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we encounter. If something is missing feel free to ask us in the comments below the article.

1. Why do I have to confirm my email address?

Because we need to know your real email in case we will need to send you updated conditions, privacy policies or just inform you about some great offers.

2. Do I have to fill up all my information about my real name, city, age etc.? 

We only require your information if you would like to place an order with us. In other cases this is not necessary, however it will enable us to gather some vital statistics we can use to improve our services. Please note that any information provided must be valid.

3. Do I have to fill up my user information?

That is completely up to you. If you are from Germany and would like be known as Killer, an 89 year old from China, why not? :-) Your user information is yours to customize and nobody will punish you for using an alias.

4. How are ratings of users, pages, clans calculated? 

We use complicated formulas to calculate ratings but we do make adjustments when we come across more precise methods.

Page's rating consists of number of daily comments, number of articles, daily page view, total number of followers, comments' rating, articles' rating.

Clan's rating consists of number of daily comments, number of articles, daily page view, total number of followers, total number of members, average members rating, comments' rating, articles' rating.

User's rating consists of number of articles, average user's page rating, number of followers, total comments rating.

5. How do the articles and pictures work?

If you create a page with a logo then the logo will be used as the preview picture for your article. In the absense of a logo, the first picture in the article is used instead.

6. How to add pictures or videos to my page?

There are several ways of doing this. All the media in your articles can be viewed in the appropriate section at the top of the page, just below the buttons. You can also create a new album and manually upload the pictures without adding them directly to the article.


if you need other questions answered then ask us in the comments below.

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