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Explanation of Keengamer's content

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

What are the differences between articles on Game pages and Community pages? What are the official and community articles? What are the important pages you can find on Keengamer? What is Dashboard? Everything is explained here.

It could be a little bit chaotic for newcomers to understand the differences between all the information and pages that can be found on Keengamer. But it is really not difficult.

Keengamer offers several manageable sites.


These pages consist only of official games and there are only one page for each game. Only users with proper rights can write articles or edit the profile. Every article published here is directly send to Facebook and Twitter and shown at homepage.


These pages are created by users and everyone can create an infinite number of them. You can link your blog to any games you choose and they will be shown in the About section where you can describe in details anything you want to say about your page. 

Articles written at blogs are not send to Facebook or Twitter. However you can find them at homepage and in the Articles.


Like other websites offering a place for your clan mates to organize your activities you can find the same at Keengamer. Our Clan sites offers a place where you can either publicly or privately chat, publish guides and organize your gaming or real life events and actions. Of course it does not have to be only a gaming clan but you can create simply site for your friends or community to stay in touch and have a place just for you.

In addition to these pages one of the most important page you should check every day or even set up as your homepage in your browser is


You can take Dashboard a little bit as a wall at Facebook. At this page you can easily see if there are any new comments or articles published on your followed pages. This way you will never miss new article from your popular users or interesting news about your favourite game. And you do not have to visit every page to check it. All is visible simply at your Dashboard.

At the same time half of the Dashboard is dedicated to comments where you can chat with other users like you are used to from Facebook.

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Frequently asked questions and more detailed information about KeenGamer, how it works, what you can do, what you can't do and other important stuff.

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