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Guide: How to easily farm Renown in Rainbow Six Siege

Author: Robert Pezić

Category: Guide

It could be quite a grind to get all the operators in Rainbow Six Siege, especially with the Starter Edition. Learn the easiest way to get renown and get your favorite operators without breaking a sweat!

Guide: How to easily farm renown in Rainbow Six Siege


When my friends recommended me Rainbow Six Siege I was hesitant, because everyone told me not to buy the Starter Edition since it's gonna take me a long time to unlock operators, but I did it anyways since I didn't mind the grind. The only problem is, I didn't know operators are that expensive so I quickly tried to find a way to get the most renown in the shortest time possible.

So I've watched a couple of videos on the topic of renown Farming and personally tried lots of different methods, and I thought I'd write up a comprehensive guide to what I think is the most efficient method.

General advice

So just the basics of it - I play Terrorist Hunt: hostage extraction on the map house -I pick a 2 or 3 speed operator with breaching capability(ash is perfect for this) -my games usually go for a minute -and I get, on average, 111 Renown per game.
How it works is that you spawn on the side street location. From here you can identify where the hostage has spawned without even entering the building. You do this by finding the red burning flare/ extraction zone (EZ).

Guide: How to easily farm Renown in Rainbow Six Siege - Map LayoutLocations

1- If the Flare/ EZ is by the garage/ waterfront spawn, then the hostage is in the workshop area.
2- if the Flare/ EZ is in the Backyard/ apc spawn, then the hostage is in the garage (laundry room)
3- (this one Is a little tricky) If you can't see the Flare/ EZ in either location then the extraction zone is at the front of the house. This means the hostage is in one of two locations; it can be in the master bedroom or the kitchen.
Once you've got that figured out to just have to breach the room, kill the 3-4 guys inside, grab the hostage, and get out as quick as possible.


The entire idea is that you run in and run out as fast as you can so you have to deal with as few people as possible. (specifically the bomb suit guys) On the topic of bomb suit guys, if they're presenting a problem for you, chose an operator with flash bangs and drop on as soon as you see a bomb suit. Then headshot him while he's stunned.
Once you've got Mr. Hostage you gotta run. You just sprint straight to the extraction point, don't worry about all the guys that gather and start shooting. 90% of the time they'll completely miss you and you'll finish with 100hp.
IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: you have to get at least 3 or 4 kills per game. Any less than that and the game doesn't give you any renown.

So just a quick recap. House: hostage extraction on Terrorist Hunt, use a fast, breaching operator, spawn on side street, find the flare before entering the building, rush in and get 3-4 kills, grab the hostage, run to EZ like there's no tomorrow. Rinse. Repeat. Drown in renown.

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