Civilization VI: Inca Reveal

There are a few famous, ancient civilizations who have been noticeably absent from Civilization VI and we've been waiting for them to be added either through expansion or DLC. One of those Civilizations will soon be joining the incredible roster of leaders. Welcome the Inca Empire.

Civilization VI: Inca Reveal
South America has been lacking some representation in Civilization VI but this will soon change with one of their most prominent ancient civilizations being added in the Gathering Storm expansion. That's right, the Inca Empire is on its way.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Inca

Leader:  Pachacuti 

Very little is known as fact about Pachacuti but one thing is certain, he is the one responsible for transforming the humble Cusco Kingdom into the majestic Inca Empire and thus is the ideal leader for the Inca in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

His unique ability is called Mit'a which allows citizens to work mountain tiles, something that has not been possible until now. These tiles will provide production and food for each adjacent Terrace Farm, the Inca unique improvement.

Unique Unit: Warak'aq

Gathering Storm will finally add a reconnaissance unit between the scout and ranger, and the Inca will have their own unique version of this unit in the Wark'aq. This unit will be able to attack twice in a single turn, granted it doesn't use all its movement points, making it much safer to explore barbarian ridden terrain.
Unique Improvement: Terrace Farm

The Terrace Farm can only be placed on hills. Similar to normal farms, the Terrace Farms will provide additional food when connected next to each other, but they'll also provide production when adjacent to fresh water or aqueducts.
Unique Ability: Qhapaq Nan
The Inca Empire will have rather fruitful domestic trade routes since they'll receive extra food for each mountain tile in the origin city. They can also unlock the Qhapaq Nan improvement, an earlier version of the Mountain Tunnel, which is also new to Gathering Storm, which allows units to travel through mountains at the cost of 2 movement points. These improvements cannot be pillaged.

Mountains have always been a useful natural resource in Civilization VI, but none has been able to utilize them as much as the Inca. Their ability to live off the land, coupled with their improved domestic trade routes make them the ideal civilization to live in isolation between mountain ranges where invasions are increasingly difficult.

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