Civilization VI: Canada Reveal

In the past couple of weeks since the announcement of Civilization VI: Gathering Storm we have been given a look at 2 of the new civilizations that will be available in the next expansion, Hungary and the Maori. Player 3 has just joined the game and it's none other than Canada. Let's have a look at everything this proud nation will have to offer.

Civilization VI: Canada Reveal
Canada might not be a country to draw a lot of attention to itself but there's no denying that this is one of the leading nations in the world today in various aspects. It's no surprise then that they have been chosen as one of the new civilizations to be included in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.  

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Canada

Leader: Wilfrid Laurier 

The one to lead Canada to victory will be Wilfrid Laurier, the 7th Canadian prime minister. He was well known for uniting the Canadian people and expanding the country from a humble colony to the behemoth it is today.

His unique ability is labeled Last Best West. Since Canada is known for its icy weather, it only makes sense that, like Russia, they will mostly find themselves surrounded by snow and tundra tiles. Where most civilizations go out of their way to avoid these tiles, Canada will thrive in them by being able to build farms on tundra, and later on tundra hills after researching Civil Engineering.

Furthermore, the cost of purchasing snow and tundra tiles is greatly reduced, and any resources harvested on these tiles provide double yields.

Unique Unit: Mountie

This light cavalry unit might not be meant for conquering the world but threaten their territory and you'll have a formidable foe on your hands.

The Mountie has the ability to create national parks which, in addition to providing appeal, also increases their strength when fighting in the vicinity. Their strength is increased further if the nearby national parks belong to Canada.

Unique Improvement: Ice Hockey Rink

How could Canada be included without bringing along its national sport? Canada is the only civilization who are able to build the Ice Hockey Rink which can only be built on snow and tundra tiles, and only one can be added per city.

The Ice Hockey Rink provides appeal and amenities, as well as culture. The amount of culture it provides is determined by the number of adjacent snow and tundra tiles. These tile improvements further provide tourism, food, and production when researching flight and professional sport, and will provide additional culture when built next to an entertainment complex with a stadium.

Unique Ability: Four Faces of Peace

Canada's unique ability is what makes them stand out the most. Four Faces of Peace determines that Canada cannot declare a surprise war, and also prevents other civilizations from declaring a surprise war against them. This will make a domination victory with Canada very difficult but greatly assists in the pursuit of peaceful victory conditions.

Additionally, this ability provides Canada with additional favor when they participate and complete an emergency.


Canada might not stand out as much as the Maori civilization we saw last week, but their unique abilities and buildings make them an incredibly strong nation to contend for culture and diplomatic victories. They are also one of the few nations that will thrive in the unforgiving conditions caused by snow and tundra which lets them expand into territories which most other nations will avoid.

If you are the type of player who enjoys being left alone to build your nation in peace without your neighbors continually throwing a hissy-fit and invading your borders, then Canada will be a joy to play, however, warmongerers will find many challenges here.

While I enjoy pursuing a domination victory, it's good to see that some civilizations in the game are desperate to keep the peace and win by building themselves up, instead of breaking others down.

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