Weekly News Roundup Issue #38

Welcome to your latest weekly news roundup! The past week has been a whirlwind of updates and announcements. Read on to learn about developments with the Resi 2 Remake, a new entry on the way from beloved Obsidian and a wicked Mortal Kombat reveal.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38

Soulja Boy Releases His Own Consoles

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38 - Soulja Boy

Yes, you read that right. Stranger things have happened, we suppose. As a self-confessed fan of gaming, it turns out Soulja Boy has revealed his own handheld gaming console and full fledged console. The question on everyone’s minds of course – are they any good? The same question goes for his second console. Read our coverage to learn more about this new oddity.

Outer Worlds Is The Latest Surprise From Obsidian

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38 - Outer Worlds

Many of us are fond of Obsidian for their work on Fallout: New Vegas. While they have worked on other projects since, Outer Worlds is their most high profile entry since Fallout. Boasting a mixture of aesthetic like Rage and Borderlands all smushed together with what appears to be a player choice system, Outer Worlds looks very interesting indeed. Learn more about it with our coverage

Mortal Kombat is Back

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38 - MK11

It’s been a long wait for Mortal Kombat fans since MKX, but last week during the Game Awards, we finally got to see a reveal trailer for MK 11. In classic NetherRealm Studio style, it was of course a brutal showdown between Raiden and Scorpion. Take a look at our coverage and fully update yourself on this exciting new entry in the Mortal Kombat series. Story theories in the comments welcome!

Controversy With Devil May Cry 5

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38 - DMCV

A few weeks back, news surfaced that a band involved in Dante’s new theme for Devil May Cry 5 was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. It led to a lot of questions as to what Capcom was going to do about this situation. Measures have been taken and Capcom has now updated us on their official response

New Resident Evil 2 Remake Footage

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38 - Resi 2

Ever since the Resi 2 Remake was originally announced, Capcom has released a steady slither of gameplay segments (probably just to show off their excellent RE Engine). In the latest videos, we are treated to new footage of Clare, Ada and the sinister Mr X. With the game releasing just over a month from now on January 25th, do you really want to spoil it for yourself? Well, if you do, take a look at coverage

PUBG Gets Zombies Involved

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38 - PUBG Mobile

Great news if you happen to be a fan of both PUBG and Resident Evil! In a surprise reveal, it turns out the two will be crossing over for a zombie battle royale on PUBG Mobile. This is likely a testing ground for PlayerUnknown to measure success of this experiment before bringing it to conventional gaming machines. This is just a theory though. Check the actual facts by reading our actual coverage

Command And Conquer: Rivals Is… Actually OK

Weekly News Roundup Issue #38 - C&C Rivals

Don’t shoot the messenger, here. We know how you all feel about mobile gaming, especially after the Diablo debacle. In the case of KeenGamer review, C&C: Rivals was cautiously approached by Luan who looked at the game objectively as a reviewer should. No matter where you allegiances lie in this gaming landscape, if you are a C&C fan, perhaps you should suspend your disbelief and give his glowing review a read

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