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WePlay hosts first major Artifact tournament

WePlay Artifact tournament has all you would expect. An awesome line-up of experienced and well-known players, a great studio, an incredible talent team, production team, you name it! The game has just released and is gathering a lot of attention.

WePlay hosts first major Artifact tournament

upDATE (dec 2, 2018): dAyS 2 AND 3 recap + photos
Update (nov 30, 2018): Day 1 Recap

Artifact is a new trading card game, featuring deep gameplay and the high-fidelity experience. Set in the Dota universe, the game is a fresh take on the genre with a lot of interesting design decisions; made with the collaboration between Richard Garfield and Valve.

Now is the best time to familiarize yourself with the game, as WePlay is hosting the first major Artifact tournament (November 29 – December 4).

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As a part of the invited press to WePlay's Kiyv studio, I'll try my best to bring you exclusive exposure of WePlay Artifact tournament.

The tournament is the first out of three scheduled tournaments for November 2018 – February 2019. Make sure to participate in the qualifiers and get more info on the upcoming events. The tournament bracket, standings, scoreboard are available (make sure to scroll down for the info).

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