Sean Murray talks about the No Man’s Sky Visions update

Several weeks after the Abyss update, Hello Games founder, Sean Murray talks about the changes that are coming to the planet surfaces of No Man's Sky in the latest free update.

Sean Murray talks about the No Man's Sky Visions update
In a PlayStation blog post following an unlisted trailer on Hello Games' Youtube channel, Murray has revealed details of what's new to planet surfaces in the update for the action-adventure survival game.

As Abyss overhauled the underwater elements of No Man's Sky, Visions appears to do the same for planet exploration, adding new varieties of planets to explore and wildlife to discover.

Sean Murray talks about the No Man's Sky Visions update- Celebratory fireworks
Murray adds that with the added variety of planets, there are even more reasons to indulge your in-game explorer. For players who love adding mementos to their planetary bases, mysterious artefacts can now be collected as trophies to put on display. In addition to the remains of ancient aliens, players can salvage satellite parts for scrap whilst avoiding corrupted drones that may be in your path, giving you a further sense of challenge on your journey.

An emphasis of the blog and trailer appears to be on the harsh weathers of some planets. Those who brave harmful storms can obtain rare crystals that will be of precious use for your adventure.

Sean Murray talks about the No Man's Sky Visions update- Digging up alien bones and technological scrap
As well as the gorgeous new visuals and atmospherics, Visions will offer more for those playing as part of the game's global community, along with earning some sweet loot. Players will be able to share their progress with a new Community Research mission whilst exploring the Visions universe together. As a reward, players can earn the new Eye of the Korax helmet, new emotes, building parts and celebratory fireworks.

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