Is PUBG Set To Launch On PS4 Next Month?

Multiple reports suggest that the popular battle royale title, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds could be heading to PlayStation 4 next month.

Is PUBG Set To Launch On PS4 Next Month?
According to multiple reports, PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) could be heading to PlayStation 4 next month. A PSN user has claimed to have seen the online multiplayer battle royale title on Sony servers plus, a gaming industry analyst has also stated that PUBG will launch on the system in December.

A thread was posted to the gaming forum, ResetEra, on Monday by a user who suggested they found evidence that PUBG would be releasing on PS4 consoles. The source came from another forum called PSNProfiles.

A PSNProfiles user had responded to a thread in which somebody asked if there were any updates on PS4 version of PUBG:

‘‘It's confirmed that PUBG is coming to PS4. it's in my PS4 Game Database. Don't know when it's coming out, but it's already on Sony servers, hosting the game image and Content-ID for the psn store.’’

The user also posted these two individual Content IDs for North America and Europe:


Both currently display a 404 error.

Later in the ResetEra thread, came a reply from the video games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. He also claimed that PUBG would be releasing next month on PlayStation 4. Other users pointed out that the evidence lines up with the one-year exclusive deal between Microsoft and Bluehole, the parent company of PUBG Corporation (developers of the title).

One ResetEra user commented on the PS4 release of PUBG coming around the time of The Game Awards 2018, which takes place on December 6th in Los Angeles. Ahmed responded: “Pretty much. Although maybe they'll announce its actual existence earlier or something.

On top of this, there was also a leak back in September that the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea had rated PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PS4.

All this information likely suggests that we can expect PUBG to launch on PlayStation 4 very soon.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is now available for PC, Xbox One plus Android and iOS devices.

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