Top 5 Tips for Blackout

Here's the 5 great tips to help you get more wins in Blackout! From items you should always keep in your inventory to gun fight techniques, we've got you covered!

Top 5 tips for Blackout

Trying to get better at Blackout? Grinding some more wins? Here's 5 helpful tips to help you up your game. From landing better, to helpful items to keep on you, you'll be getting more wins and less frustrating losses!

1. Land in a spot you're comfortable in

How to land better in Blackout
Landing is huge in Blackout. A bad landing can not only mess up your starting game but also cause immediate death. Some spots have too many areas with buildings and it can be really easy to get killed by another player after finishing someone or just getting double-teamed or triple-teamed. Areas such as Cargo-docks, Nuketown Island, and Array have a lot of open areas for visibility. This makes it really easy to keep track of where enemies are until you get a weapon. I believe Cargo Docks is the best spot for picking up some easy kills at the start of the game as there's generally good weapons all over. The containers are climbable and make it really easy to flank around enemies. Rivertown is a great spot for getting into immediate action and practicing your aim but is often very crowded. Play around with different spots and find what's best for you!

2. always pickup the items you know you'll need

Best items to pickup in Blackout
Items such as Sensor Darts, Smokes, and Barricades are neglected a lot. They are absolutely crucial in the end game. Sensor darts will reveal the location of enemies in the surrounding radius. Make sure you always place it in an area that is not easily visible to enemies as it can be easily destroyed.

Another great idea is to dismantle tactical weapons you find in crates or on the ground sometimes if you don't want them. You can scrap the attachments for the weapon you want to use rather than just leaving it behind. They're usually fully equiped with great attachments.

3. try to always stay near tree linesHow to get better at blackout battle royale

Tree lines are always your friend in battle royale games. They make for perfect cover and provide a way to confuse your enemies. You'll want to also be sure to stay near tree lines when rotating around the map to get into the safe zone. If you do have to travel through open areas, smoke screens work great for moving around unseen. Grapple hooks are also great when it comes to getting out of risky situations.

4. Claim the high groundHow to get wins in Blackout

Claiming the high ground should be your number one priority in the end game besides obviously eliminating the final survivors. Items such as the grapple hook and smoke grenades become really useful for doing so. Always make sure you have cover. Be calm, take a look at your inventory and plan out how you can use what you have to your advantage.

A next level tip would definitely be to claim a building in the final circle. Trophy systems work wonders here. Just don't be a camper!

5. Play smart…but aggresive in the end game

The endgame is where you should be using everything you've got and playing as smart as possible. Remember to keep the high ground if you can and don't expose yourself too much. Now is a great time to pop all those perks you've been holding onto. Paranoia, Awareness, whatever you've got. Use your grenades when you see a perfect opportunity and don't underestimate your opponents.

Awareness and sensor darts are very great in the endgame as they both allow you to know where your enemy is at. If you win, congratulations! If not, don't worry, you'll get em' next time. Keep praticing and learn from each match you play.

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