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Warframe Build Guide – Mesa

Mesa is the resident ninja gunslinger and one of the more popular warframes in the game. We decided to keep things simple and bring you a build that will not only easily take you into endgame but will also make for an excellent frame capable of tackling any type of mission.

Warframe Build Guide - Mesa


Mesa is one of our personal favorite warframes to date and its primed variant made us fall in love with her all over again. Having a powerful build for Mesa means spending a lot of resources since you’ll have to trick both the frame and her exalted pistols. That means a lot of forma and endo-expensive mods even we didn’t manage to level to their full potential. Nevertheless, the build is as powerful as they get and will literally melt enemies while keeping you alive with no problem. So let’s get right into it.


This build is made for the primed Mesa variant and requires five forma in total. Two for the warframe, and three for the Regulator pistols. If you don’t have Mesa Prime, the regular Mesa + Regulators will require seven forma. The build also uses primed mod variants but you can always use other mods to emphasize the stats required for the build to work.

When it comes to Mesa herself. The mod setup will mostly focus on her third and fourth ability, shatter shield and peacemaker respectively. The stats will also make her first ability somewhat useful but not necessary. As you can see the build focuses heavily on ability duration with some power strength and efficiency mods thrown in the mix. This build doesn’t focus on the crowd control of Mesa’s third ability and hey, who needs crowd control when the crowd is dead?

This mod combination will make you shatter shield last for a whopping 66 seconds and will reduce the damage taken by 95%. The fact that you’ll have primed flow and high efficiency will mean that you’ll be able to jump across the map constantly activating and deactivating peacemaker to literally melt the enemies. But before you do that, let’s mod her Regulator pistols.

As you can see, with the Regulators, it’s all about critical damage, fire rate and damage with some elemental mods thrown into it. This mod combination will make you melt enemy armor due to the corrosive status effect after which you’ll be throwing orange and red critical hits which will one-shot regular enemies all the way up to level 60. After that, you’ll still be a beast and only heavily armored enemies like the Nox will slow you down, if only by a few seconds.

Test it out and you’ll find that this build is perfect for endgame. Everything from farming relics to breezing through Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna bounties – Mesa is an absolute beast and one of the most powerful Warframes to grace the Origin system.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 

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Matthew Sawyer Emery
Matthew Sawyer Emery

Hey, the images that show the mods aee chopped. Cannot veiw the last 2 mods on both

Karel Vik

Hello, you are right. We will fix it today 😉

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