Cyber Security – Passing CompTIA Security+ Certification

Certifications perform a very important role in any professional career. It is considered an essential grading tool that employers use while looking for prospective new employees or carrying out promotions. There is a wide range of certificates for every professional sector, including IT.

Cyber Security - Passing CompTIA Security+ Certification
The numerous IT certifications cover different topics like cybersecurity, cloud computing, data management, networking, etc. They serve as tests for verifying the candidates’ skills and knowledge on specific IT topics and checking their competence levels. With technologies advancing and developing on a daily basis, it is becoming imperative for employees to demand such certificates from the potential workers. In this article, we will look at the CompTIA Security+ certification and the role it plays in the modern IT labor market.


The CompTIA Security+ certificate is a very comprehensive certification that allows professionals to gain a good knowledge of various security tools and techniques in the IT field. The credential covers several areas that include general security concepts, communications security, basics in cryptography and organizational security. It also helps in building up skills and knowledge so much needed in supporting the principles of integrity, availability, and confidentiality when dealing with network threats and attacks.

Popularity of CompTIA Security+ certification 

The popularity of any certification will tend to make many professionals favor undertaking certain certificates and leaving out other. The CompTIA Security+ credential is one of the most popular ones, and a lot of IT professionals are trying to acquire it. It is very much recognized by the US Department of defense as a way of handling information security aspects. Several organizations around the world also hold this certification in high regard. In a nutshell, CompTIA Security+ is considered a very good starting point that offers professionals that core skills for any cybersecurity role.

Tips for getting the CompTIA Security+ certificate

Getting the CompTIA Security+ certification will be a big bonus for any IT professional. Acquiring the proper credential carries with it numerous advantages, such as follows:

  • It gives you the sufficient skills and fundamental knowledge that will help you stay in line with the market demands.
  • Acquiring the CompTIA Security+ certification will give you a good standing point when negotiating your salary increase. Employers will always prefer more competent candidates with advanced knowledge and skills.
  • Many people acquire the certification as a means of improving their current professional knowledge.
  • Having the CompTIA Security+ IT certification will help one boost their professional credibility in the eyes of potential employers as it will show that you are competent enough to handle your assignments.
  • The CompTIA Security+ certification opens new job opportunities for you as this will help to show people your skills and abilities. Employers nowadays use this as a hiring tool as it helps them gauge potential employees’ capabilities.

How to get the CompTIA Security+ certificate?

The general structure of the exam contains a total of 100 questions, and the students are required to complete them within a 90-minute time limit. During the test, you can get a maximum of 900 points what will get you the highest mark, but the minimum passing requirement is 764 points.

CompTIA partners with Pearson VUE to administer its exams worldwide. So, what one needs to do is just to select the CompTIA Security+ exam, buy a certification exam voucher, and visit a testing center. As you can see, the process is extremely simple. But bear in mind that in order to apply for the test, a person should already have the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Tips for passing the CompTIA Security+ exam

Preparing well for exams is very crucial, and this will determine if one passes the test or not. So, the following tips will be useful in guiding you through your preparation process.

  • Perfection is achieved through constant practice. So, be sure to go through enough practice tests that will give you the confidence needed to handle the actual exam.
  • Start early preparations as this will enable you to prepare well and cover all the required topics. This will also help you reduce any kind of studying pressure in the wake of the exam.
  • Run through the specialized blogs and articles that cover the exam topics. This will help you get additional ideas and food for thought.
  • Check different exam books to acquire supplementary knowledge.
  • Do not be afraid to address your tutor or fellow students in case you face any difficulties with a particular topic, and they will help you clear up the tricky questions which you do not fully understand.
  • Form up a study group with other students and revise the exam questions together which will benefit all of you in terms of remembering the details.

Top resources to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam

  •– This website also has valuable study materials that will help you to prepare for this CompTIA security plus.
  • – this is a very good site that contains practice tests that cover all the exam topics and will help students get higher grades.
  • – the site is a good resource for those who want to get all the necessary tests in order to prepare for the upcoming IT exams.
  • -this is a prominent site that contains ample resources from videos, test exams, and notes that will help students to prepare for this crucial exam. 


It is always good to ensure that you get at least a couple different certifications so that you can position yourself in a good way on the labor market. The importance of IT certificates cannot be overemphasized since the world we are now living in demands more and more expert knowledge in this field. So, don’t waste time and enroll for the test now.

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