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Warface PS4 Giveaway – 10 Collector’s EA Keys

We happen to have 10 Collector's Early Access keys worth $75 each for our readers that are eager to play Crytek's military shooter Warface. The game released worldwide on PlayStation 4 last week, ahead of its full free-to-play release in mid-September. Every key offers a tremendous number of in-game goods. More details below.

Warface PS4 Giveaway - 10 Collector's EA Keys

Your ticket to Modern military shooter phenomenon is just Below!

Warface is a free-to-play first-person shooter developed by Crytek Kiev. Warface is powered by CryENGINE 3, bringing you award-winning next-gen visuals that have been lauded as the best of their kind on any format. In the free-to-play arena, it is without equal. The engine gives you breathtaking locations and brings you to the deadliest places on the planet to fight off Blackwood. Innovative game design brings intuitive controls and thrilling moment-to-moment gameplay which elevates you to a whole new level of immersion.

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Please notice that the giveaway is for EU residents only

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Make ready in advance of the coming fight and arm yourself with hand-picked weapons, including their golden variants with improved specs as a gift! Each key costs $74.99 and contains:

  • FN SCAR-H assault rifle and its golden variant
  • Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro shotgun and its golden variant
  • Magpul FMG-9 and its golden variant
  • Remington R11 RSASS sniper rifle and its golden variant
  • CZ-75 handgun and its golden variant
  • Jagdkommando combat knife
  • Paragon Squad skin set for all classes
  • 1500 Kredits

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