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Paladins - Champions of the Realm

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Paladins - Champions of the Realm: Khan Character Guide

Author: Tyler Krasnai

Category: Guide

With the recent arrival of Paladins on the Nintendo Switch, now is the best time to get started in the game. If you're not sure what characters you want to play, or are having trouble understanding the playstyle of some characters, check out our handy Character Guides! Today we will be looking at Khan, a Frontline champion who protects his allies and heals those around him to keep the fight going strong.

Paladins - Champions of the Realm: Khan Character Guide
Khan: The Primus of House Aico is a powerful Frontline champion with a set of abilities that allow him to quickly rise above the competition. Khan has appeared in the war between the Paladins and the Magistrate alongside Lian as her general and faithful advisor. Before looking at what the best talents, loadouts, and shop purchases are for Khan, lets take a quick look at what he has to offer.


Heavy RepeaterA gun that fires a 200 damage shot every 0.26s.
BulwarkActivate a powerful 6000HP shield at will. The shield regenerates while inactive. If broken, it must reach 50% of its max HP before being redeployed.
Battle ShoutLet out a fearsome cry that grants a brief moment of invunerability while healing you and nearby allies for 1000HP.
Commander's GrabRush forward and take hold of the first enemy you come in contact with, dealing 600 damage, stunning them, and throwing them behind you.
Overpower Drag an enemy towards you and move them about as you see fit, or launch them away with a powerful blast.


Lian's ShieldYour shield recharges at 60% speed while active.
Storm of BulletsYour weapon fires 40% faster and has 10 more rounds, but deals 25% less damage per shot.
Vortex GripVictims of Commander's Grab are stunned for an additional 2s.
Firing LineChampions affected by Battle Shout now also deal 20% increased damage and gain Crowd Control immunity for 4s.


BloodthirstGain 4-20% Lifesteal.LifetakerEliminations reduce your active cooldowns by 8-40%.
ChokeholdActivating Commander's Grab Heals you for 80-400HP.Martial LawActivating Commander's Grab generates 4-20 ammo.
Close and PersonalGrain 8-40% damage reduction for 2s when hitting an enemy with Commander's Grab.Never Surrender!Reduce the cooldown of Battle Shout by 1-5s.
Excessive ForceIncrease your clip size by 2-10 rounds.Open Fire!Activating Battle Shout generates 4-20 ammo.
Hold the Line!Heal yourself for an additional 60-300HP when activating Battle Shout.PlatemailGain 150-750 Max HP.
HopeguardRecieve 6-30% increased healing while your Bulwark is up.Ready for WarIncrease the recharge rate of your Bulwark by 4-20%.
Hulking StrengthReduce the cooldown of Commander's Grab by 0.6-3s.Shield WallIncrease the health of your Bulwark by 2-10%.
Into the Breach!Activating Battle Shout grants 8-40% movement speed for 3s.Vigorous DefenseHeal 25-125HP per second while your Bulwark is up.


Due to his status as a Frontline champion, Khan is excellent at getting himself onto an objective and staying there as long as possible. What makes him stand out from other frontlines, however, are his healing abilties. With the proper loadout and talent combinations, Khan is able to keep himself active through several fights, sometimes without any help from a support champion.

Paladins - Champions of the Realm: Khan Character Guide: Khan's best talent is Firing Line, by far.

One of Khan's best talents is the one unlocked at Champion Level 8: Firing Line. This talent allows Khan to not only heal himself and nearby allies with Battle Shout, but it also temporarily boosts damage and provides total Crowd Control immunity, making him and nearby allies a nearly unstoppable force for the duration. This, in combination with the loadout down below, allows Khan to keep pumping his allies full of motivational screaming in order to hold down the objective.

Level 2 Ready for War; Level 4 Vigorous Defense; Level 4 Never Surrender!; Level 2 Open Fire!; Level 3 Lifetaker.

This loadout allows Khan to shout more often, keep his shield up longer, and survive longer against overwhelming enemy forces. Khan's biggest advantage overall is that his shield can be activated and deactivated at will without a cooldown, unlike similar characters such as Fernando, another Frontline champion. The most important cards in this loadout are Never Surrender! and Lifetaker. These cards allow Khan to not only use Battle Shout sooner, but all of his abilities sooner, depending on how many eliminations you can get.

While there are surely many variations and unique choices that players can make when they are designing loadouts for Khan, this loadout and talent pairing has been consistently successful. Once you've figured out what loadout and talent work best for you, its time to look at the Item Shop.

Paladins - Champions of the Realm: Khan Character Guide: The Item Shop is an important part of Paladins gameplay, and can make or break a match.
In the case of Khan, there are a few surefire choices every game. Generally, players will want to always buy Chronos, from the Utility tab. This will allow you to use abilities like Battle Shout and Commander's Grab even faster. On top of that, Haven from the Defense tab is another surefire pick, unless you're fighting a team that has more area damage characters rather than direct damage characters, which is incredibly unlikely.

The Offense tab and Healing tab are more difficult to immediately pin down. While Khan's weapon is not incredibly effective in terms of damage, purchases like Cauterize and Wrecker from the Offense tab are still effective against enemy teams with large healing capabilities or heavy shielding, and the boosts that they have are highly noticable. If the team does not have an effective healer or heavy shielding character, Deft Hands may be a good choice because it increases reload speeds, allowing you to get back into the fight quickly and effectively. In the Healing tab, Rejuvenate and Kill to Heal are the two best options. Life Rip is not a good choice because of Khan's low DPS, and Veteran is not one of the best options to purchase overall. Rejuvenate is a good purchase if your team has an effective healer who can continually pump Khan full of health if he needs it. Kill to Heal is a good purchase otherwise, because it heals on either a kill or an elimination, so you can heal as long as you can tag a character with a few hits before your allies finish them off.

Last Minute Tips

  • Don't be afraid to be aggressive!
    • Khan as a character is aggressive and has many abilities that are annoying to go up against. These are your greatest assets, though. Don't be afraid to use Overpower to launch enemies off of cliffs, or use Commander's Grab to throw enemies directly into your allies' line of fire. As long as you maintain control of the point, feel free to dominate your enemies as you see fit.
  • Use Battle Shout as often as possible.
    • Battle Shout is an excellent ability because it manages to not only heal Khan, but also his nearby allies for 1000HP, and with the Firing Line talent it also provides Crowd Control immunity and a damage boost, making it a good ability to continually use.
  • Watch your Bulwark!
    • Bulwark is an excellent ability, with 6000HP and the ability to raise and lower it at will. However, Bulwark suffers most when it is broken. If its full 6000HP is depleated, Bulwark must recharge to 50% before it can be raised again. Because Bulwark takes 14s to fully recharge from 0HP back up to 6000HP, this means you cannot raise your shield for a full 7s if it is broken.
Lastly, remember to have fun! If Khan isn't for you, that's OK! Check out our other guides to see if you can find a good fit!

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