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8 Tips for Winning More DomiNations Battles

DomiNations is among the best MMOs since Clash of Clans launched. Have you recently added that app to your tablet or phone? If so, check out some of the tips below to win more DomiNations battles.

8 Tips for Winning More DomiNations Battles
DomiNations is one of the hottest Android and iOS massively multiplayer online games. The game is almost an MMO equivalent of the Civilization series that includes 12 different ages through which to advance your nation. If you haven't played DomiNations, you can get the Android game from Google Play and add it to iOS devices from iTunes.
As in most MMOs, winning battles is the name of the game in DomiNations. Then your nation will climb the DomiNations rankings, and you'll also plunder more loot with four and five-star victories. You will win most of your battles by attacking nations with your army. However, strongly defended nations can also win battles by defeating enemy armies. Here are a few tips that will give you a better chance of winning battles in DomiNations.

1) Build a Terra Cotta Army Wonder

The Terra Cotta Army is one of the best Classical Age wonders for your military. This wonder adds an additional 10 archers and soldiers to your army, which can considerably boost the size of smaller armies. Thus, 20 extra troops will certainly give you a better chance of winning battles. You can utilize the Terra Cotta Army to reinforce your army for one battle a day, and it also boosts castle and barrack hitpoints by 20%.

2) Invest in Castles and Generals

Castles can strengthen your nation's defense and army. Castles give you generals with very high hitpoints that will defend your nation when you activate them. Furthermore, you can deploy generals when invading nations. As generals can soak up a lot of fire from enemy defenses, which will protect weaker units, they are invaluable additions to armies. The castle is also a strong defensive structure with a lot of hitpoints.

8 Tips for Winning More DomiNations Battles. DomiNations army structures

3) Deploy Your Army Near to the City Center

Destroying a nation's city center is usually the quicker way to win battles. You will win battles more quickly if you launch your invasions closer to the city centers. As such, look for nations that have city centers closer to the edges of their maps where you can deploy troops. Then you can win more quick victories with minimal losses before targeting the resources.

4) Build Your Defenses Around the City Center

To ensure that your opponents can't quickly defeat your nation as outlined above, you should always build your defenses around a city center. Never place a city center on the outskirts of your map closer to where enemies can deploy their armies. As such, make sure a city center is in the center of a nation and that there are plenty of defenses around it enemy troops will need to wipe out.

8 Tips for Winning More DomiNations Battles. DomiNations City Center

5) Add Supply Wagons to Your Army

Supply wagons (or trains, trucks and carts) are one of the best units you can add to an army. Those units heal troops so that they replenish energy during battles. A few supply wagons will ensure your army is more durable and lasts longer during battles. As such, lots of players include supply wagons, trains, carts or trucks in their armies. To give supply wagons more protection, add ranged infantry units to your army that will wipe out hordes of enemy infantry more efficiently.

6) Invade Nations With Weaker Defenses

Don't invade the first nation that you see in DomiNations. Instead, press the Next Match button a few times to have a look for more weakly defended nations. That will certainly give you a much better chance of winning more battles. The Next Match button does deplete gold a little, but you'll probably loot more gold if you invade nations with weaker defenses.

7) Sabotage Defenses

You can invest in Sabotage with a level two War Academy. That's a very handy tactic which freezes selected defenses for nine to 21 seconds. Many DomiNations players are convinced Sabotage is one of the best battle tactics as they can utilize it to disable defenses that will cause the most damage to their armies. Make sure you sabotage defenses just before your army moves within range so that your troops have time to destroy them.

8 Tips for Winning More DomiNations Battles. DomiNations nation

8) Never Disperse Your Army

Finally, never disperse an army by launching an invasion from two opposite sides of a nation's map. That will split your army in two, which will reduce the overall amount of firepower you have at those points chosen to attack. Instead, you should always launch invasions from one specific position on a map to maximize your army's firepower and wipe out defenses more quickly. Of course, your army will spread out more during the battle; but you can still maximize firepower with the Rally button.

Now you can take on the world in DomiNations! The above tips will win you more battles in DomiNations and propel your nation up the game's rankings.

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