Here’s How Much You Have Ever Spent On Steam

Steam has recently released a new tool that allows you to see just how much you’ve spent on Steam. That’s right - all the money you ever splurged on games for the entirety of your Steam account. With the Steam Summer Sale now in full swing, it’s that time of the year again where we grit our teeth in the face of absurd deals for great games that just can’t be turned down. With this in mind for yet another year of nerd enticement, curiosity will get the better of you eventually.

Here's How Much You Have Ever Spent On Steam

You may not really want to know just how much of your hard earned cash you’ve spent on digital games. Thanks to Valve’s External Funds Used tool you can now find out just how much Gabe Newell has siphoned from your wallet. 

Before you go assuming that this tool has been implemented to instill a sense of guilt or even shame, it’s not likely that’s the reason for this tool’s arrival. It’s far more likely to be a reaction to the European Union’s recent implementation of General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is frankly, the Data Protection Act version two, which asks for trading businesses to be more transparent with customers about information received from them. Even if the business is based in America, their European customers now have a right to access information such as the crushing realisation of money spent on games in their lifetime. Hey – it’s something we’ve all wondered at some point or another. Of course, it’s a lot easier when an entire platform is digital only, as opposed to consoles which are still selling comparatively untraceable hard copies for their games. As for Valve’s reaction to GDPR, they have an entirely new page on which you can check all of your data held by them. 

Here's How Much You Have Ever Spent On Steam - Summer Sale

Going back to the External Funds page, there’s a few colloquialisms there that may be a little confusing. To explain – “Old Spend” figures are what you spent prior to Valve’s Limited User Account Restrictions were implemented back in 2015. The “PWSpend,” oddly separated, is all about games bought from Perfect World Entertainment like MMO, Star Trek Online

Back to the Steam page, then. These Summer Sale games aren’t going to buy themselves!

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