A Fellow Gamer’s thoughts On Rage 2

Rage 2 looks to be absolute open-world mayhem! Already we can see that the game is faced paced and throws a lot at the protagonist. It looks like it might just redeem everything that its predecessor lacked!

A Fellow Gamer's thoughts On Rage 2
Can you believe it has been eight years since the first Rage game? Sure it was disappointing but you couldn't help feeling that if id Software just tried again and added to the ideas left behind from the first game, then something outstanding would be created.

Well, from what we have been shown so far, Rage 2 may just be that, outstanding. With the latest trailer, it seems that one of the biggest flaws the original game had (the story and plot) is being redeemed. Not to say that this story will be RPG's amounts it does seem like more effort was put into establishing the world. The graphics are fantastic! But the game's usage of colors is on a new level! Take a look at all the contrasting colored smoke. This is what Suicide Squad wanted to archive and failed (in my opinion).

In a bizarre way, the entire game reminds me of Borderlands only slightly less comical. If I had to sum up the overall feel of the game using already existing titles, I would say that the gameplay/action reminds of Doom and Borderlands with the open world of Fallout 3! I know, I'm just having fun at this point but it does paint an interesting picture! In conclusion, I believe that this sequel could Propel the franchise to new heights. I also hope that it will show the industry that open world FPS games can be witty and fun again as I think a lot are starting to take themselves too seriously.

Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below and feel free to tell us what games does Rage 2 remind you of!

Rage 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer | Bethesda E3 2018

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