Konami To announce 2 New Games At E3

Keep your eyes peeled! Konami will announce 2 new titles at this years E3! Apparently one of them is a compilation.
Konami To announce 2 New Games At E3
It's been a very weird couple of years for Konami fans. Ever since the whole Kojima incident, it seems that more and more controversy and resentment has been building up to the point where some gamers are refusing to give money to the company, only accepting 2nd-hand Konami games. So when not much happened with Konami last year at E3 many thought it was truly the end. 
Well, hope is not lost! It seems that the company have been keeping a few tricks up their sleeves. Konami announced that they will be showing off 2 new titles for the Nintendo Switch! Now, one of these titles is a compilation (hopefully not the run of the mil Konami's greatest hits from the early 90's as I hope the Switch gets more recent titles) and the other is a brand new game. We don't know yet whether it is a sequel to an existing franchise or a brand new IP. All we can do is wait.

What games do you want in the compilation? What do you think the new game will be? Let us know!

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