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FIFA 18 – How to maximise team chemistry in World Cup

Need some extra chemistry in your Ultimate Team? Are you struggling to understand how to link players together? Here's some tips to get you started on getting high chemistry on FIFA 18 World Cup Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Chemistry Guide
EA’s new world cup mode has created a lot of excitement in the Fifa community, much like it did back in 2014. It allows players to celebrate the 2018 Russia World Cup by combining their favourite players into one team and battling head to head against other players from around the world.However, for players new to Fifa Ultimate Team, creating a squad can seem like a daunting task to master.

Here’s how to maximise team chemistry in Fifa 18 world cup Ultimate Team.

The new world cup mode uses Confederations and Nations as the main way of creating chemistry. Raheem Sterling’s nation is England, meaning his confederation is Europe. To give him good chemistry, you’ll want to try to link him to other players that share the same nation or federation.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Chemistry Guide (Chemistry Links)
If you link two players from the same confederation but different nation, there will be a link that adds to your chemistry, but it will not be a strong one. To maximise the chemistry, try to ensure you match players from the same nation.Here’s an example:FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Chemistry Guide (Chemistry Links Example)
Sterling has a strong link with Kane as they share both the Nation and Confederation.

Sterling and Ozil have a weak link as they only share Confederation.

Iwobi, however, does not link with sterling as they dont share Nation or Confederation.

On top of this, the standard rules of Ultimate Team chemistry apply. By that I mean ensuring the players are placed in the right positions based on their card.You can check to see the chemistry of each individual player to know where to alter your squad. You can do this on PS4 and Xbox by flicking the right thumb stick to the right once. There, you will see the number for the chemistry for each player with 10 being the max and 1 the lowest. Also, next to the number is the position. If the position is written in green, they’re in the correct position. Yellow means it’s not 100% correct but is still playable. Red means they shouldn’t be playing in that position as it is too different to the one on their card.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Chemistry Guide (Right Stick Chemistry)
That wraps it up for my basic tips on how to maximise team chemistry in Ultimate Team World Cup. If you have any questions, tips of your own or have anything else to say, leave it down in the comments.

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