PS5 Release Forecast for Fall 2020

The next generation is near! But it seems Sony has a game plan to really push the ps4 to its limits and ''beef up'' 1st party franchises. Guess the next few years means we will be getting some unexpected sequels!

PS5 Release Forecast for Fall 2020
There have been a few comments and hints regarding the birth of the PlayStation 5. Recently At a Corporate Strategy Meeting, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President John Kodera spoke about how the PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle, which would have a negative impact to the unit, but recurring revenue via membership services etc should cushion some of that. He also adds that Sony are planning to release more and more 1st party titles and beefing up first-party titles, which basically means expanding and refreshing existing 1st party titles as well as creating new ones. The NPD Group’s analyst Mat Piscatella also shared his thoughts on the future of PlayStation. More specifically on when the ps5 could launch. In a tweet, he states:

I’m forecasting PS5 no earlier than fall 2020, which would mean at least 3 more holidays of big releases to enjoy on the platform, and a perfectly normal cycle length. Just because a next gen is mentioned is meaningless to the breadth and depth of content that is coming. 

So while the ps5 is around the corner, we can expect Sony to push a lot more 1st party titles that push the ps4 to its limits. This sounds like we will be getting some unexpected sequels. Perhaps an Until Dawn 2? Who knows! What 1st party titles do you want a sequel for? Let us know!

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