The Flower of Knighthood is live on Kickstarter

On May 21, 2018, the independent game development studio Eaglance presented their project, The Flower of Knighthood at Kickstarter. The game is a historical MMORPG where players can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Europe's mid-fourteenth to early fifteenth centuries.

The Flower of Knighthood is live on Kickstarter
The Flower of Knighthood is based on a concept of maximum realism and historicalness of the gameplay. Support the game by visiting its Kickstarter campaign, and below is a list of features:

  • Complex combat system of 11 directions of chopping strikes
  • Stabbing blows
  • Shield strikes,
  • Five directions of blocks will make each battle unique

The absence of any random variables will allow each player to demonstrate their martial arts in large-scale sieges of castles and cities, as well as in individual tournaments.

The Flower of Knighthood

Special attention should be paid to the damage mechanic. As the main point of the game is realism, developers have completely rejected hit points and use a system of armor penetration weapons calculated in accordance with the laws of physics. If the armor is penetrated, then one blow to the body or head is enough to kill the enemy. Successful shoots in the limbs will cause serious injuries that will significantly weaken your opponent. If the wounds are not treated, the enemy will soon die from the wounds.

"The Flower of Knighthood promises to be the most immersive and richly detailed medieval game ever made. The gameplay will give players a deeply engaging and exciting taste of the late-medieval world, allowing them to explore its landscapes, settlements and everyday activities. Reconstructions of buildings, objects and materials are based on extensive research in archaeological reports and historical documents and illustrations. Working on the project has been a stimulating and rewarding experience and I can’t wait to see the final results and gamers’ reactions."

Dr. Stephen Mileson, Oxford Historical Consultant

Those who are tired of the war will be able to practice in craft. Making an item in The Flower of Knighthood is not limited to a simple click in your inventory. It will take quite a long time to craft a simple blade of an ordinary axe. The player will have to get the metal, melt it, and then forge the blade. Each stage will require player’s participation. Preheated workpieces should be handled in and out of the furnace, put on the anvil and hardened, giving the desired shape. The most time-consuming but routine operations can be assigned to the NPC, but the most important stages will need to be completed by yourself. All processes of items creation are designed in accordance with those of the middle ages. This was made possible by Dr. Stephen Milson from the University of Oxford.

The Flower of Knighthood is live on Kickstarter
Those who love to trade will have a lot of work because resources are distributed unevenly throughout the map. Given the size of the game location, 50×25 km, and the lack of instant travel, trade turns into a complex but profitable business. This is not without danger, however. The path of the merchant may attract robbers. Trade within this game is unique and vastly different than others. The game has no auction or NPC from which you can buy items through. Traders will have to rent a shop on the market square. For every item sold, merchants will have to pay tax to the Treasury of the owner of the city or castle.
In addition, within The Flower of Knighthood, players will be able to engage in hunting, agriculture, resource extraction and even horse breeding.

"It is impossible to make an ideal game for everyone, but when you can define your target audience, communicate, interact and consult with these players, you are then able to create the best game for them. I see this as our main task.

Together we'll be able to create a game that will give us many hours of tremendous adventures.
I highly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in the Flower of Knighthood."

Ivan Usenko, founder of Eaglance Inc.

Immersing into the atmosphere of the middle ages is impossible without exceptional graphics. The developers have paid considerable attention to visual detail, specifically textures from specially processed photos of real grass, stones, wood, etc. Even the characters are 3D models of the real man. He was photographed with hundred cameras at the same time and special program creates game character 3d model using these photos. All animations are made using motion capture technology. Multiple champions in historical fencing Ivan Vasiliev helped to make all the strikes, blocks and movements animations. Of course, you will need a high-end gaming PC to see the maximum quality of graphics, but you will be able to play The Flower of Knighthood even on a basic laptop with integrated graphics using various graphics options.

The Flower of Knighthood is live on Kickstarter
In the Flower of Knighthood, players will find many additional original and unique gameplay mechanics. Building, leveling, interactive interface instead of traditional windows, a system of punishment for the crimes and a lot of others.

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