New Console To Compete With The Switch?

A new console is on the way and has its eyes set out on the Nintendo Switch's throne! This Android-based console is set to be a smartphone/console hybrid and just like the Switch uses a docking station. This thing has some pretty boots to fill if it wants to compete with the Switch!

New Console To Compete With The Switch?
The Nintendo Switch was widely praised for its handheld/TV console hybrid capabilities. Well, now there might be one more to give the Switch a little run for its money. A company called Wonder are currently working on an android based console which will be a smartphone/home console hybrid. During a conversation with The Verge, CEO and co-founder of Wonder, Andy Kleinman stated:

Everyone has the same exact product. They position it the same way by going after the masses. Nobody has anything unique. Apple is basically crushing everybody because Apple is all about the ecosystem.

The device sounds very similar to the Switch only optimized for smartphone use. The dock will let the device play games on your TV with the controller. the controller itself will have a slot for the phone to slot into like a screen attachment. With this in mind, one can assume that the console would be able to have games with multi-screen applications like the Wii U.

Clearly, this is a man who has seen a gap in the market and he's right! There have been consoles in the past that try to marry the two concepts of smartphone and console, to have one personal device that fits your every need. If he and his company can pull this off then it truly would be a game changer. The only issue is that there is a very big difference between smartphone gaming and console and to merge the 2 together will be a massive task. Do you think this kind of console is even possible? If it is, is it worth buying? Let us know!

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