Frontier Pilot Simulator Giveaway

How much expertise does one need to become a pilot? Frontier Pilot Simulator sure has answers. The game is centered around vehicle simulation, so make sure to fasten your seatbelts before you do anything!

Frontier Pilot Simulator Giveaway

Apply for the piloting lessons below!

Frontier Pilot Simulator is an environment centered single player vehicle sim combining the skill-based flying system with a story-driven economic progression system. Your piloting expertise will be constantly challenged by the world while it unfolds before you. That's a wordy description, right? Better watch this gameplay video to get an idea about the game:

Frontier Pilot Simulator – Sci-Fi Pilots Don't Always Fly Spaceships


  • Unique and realistic Physics of Cargo transport
  • Open world
  • 2 types of cargo ships
  • Dozens of different ship Upgrades
  • Trading system
  • Storyline serving as a driving factor to discover the game
  • Amazing weather, volcanoes, and geysers animation

The game is out on Steam Early Access, so you can support the developers by buying the game in case you don't win in the giveaway.

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