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Battlerite’s Patch 1.5.1 notes “Tales of Horror” are up!

Battlerite's Patch 1.5.1 notes have been released, revealing a much awaited return of the "creepy" skins in tribute to the coming Friday 13th, including some champion balance changes. The content is to be released this wednesday, April 11th.

Battlerite's Patch 1.5.1 notes "Tales of Horror" are up!
If you felt regret of not having been able to get your Vampire Hunter Jade skin, like myself, fear no more! As the Creepy Skins have come back from the other side for a limited time thanks to the coming Friday 13th. With them, Creepy Chests will also be available in the shop via gems once again, in which we'll get at least 1 epic or legendary creepy item, preventing duplicates from appearing until we have all creepy items in our possession.

Finally, a new chest will be added called "Spooky Chest", which will replace common silver chests and contain
at least 1 Rare drop and 1 random Creepy item, and will cost 400 Battlecoins in the shop.

As for the balance changes, Jamilla has received a buff, seeing as the Shadowblade Assassin has not been doing so well statistically, or at least not as well as her counterpart Ulric, who has entered "swinging his hammer in full force"… and been downgraded a little bit. Other not so recently released champions have also been modified to some extent, like Zanders, once again getting nerfed because of his great utility kit, or Pearl, who has had her 2v2 potential toned down by a notch.

However, for full details, please don't hesitate to visit the official blog.

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