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Sea Of Thieves Day One Patch Is Not What You Expect

Sea of Thieves, the highly anticipated pirate adventure game, developed by Rare, is releasing very soon. Despite the title coming under criticism for being a bit 'dull', it's not secret that Rare are listening to the feedback from the Sea of Thieves community.

Sea Of Thieves Day One Patch Is Not What You Expect
On Reddit, a fan wittingly asked for a "day one patch" and to the surprise of fans – Rare obliged and honoured the fan's request. “Dear Rare, don’t miss the opportunity to release a ‘Day One Patch’ eye-patch with the games Day One Patch,” user Jefabell wrote in a post on the Sea of Thieves subreddit in late February.

I think this is a must,” user ZilorZilhaust responded. “Just a black eye patch with the #1 on it.” Well, that's pretty much what Rare have added to the game – not what you expected? As stated in the description of the item: “A message in a bottle from Jolly Jefabell washed ashore. Eye patch makers read it and said ‘aye.’” It's awesome to see developers interacting with fans once again, which is feeling more like a rarity in the modern era of gaming.  

Sea Of Thieves Day One Patch Is Not What You Expect - Day One Patch
It's difficult to predict what Sea of Thieves will actually be like when it is fully released tomorrow [20th March]. Initial reviews have been pretty average, with critics stating that the game is very well designed, but lacks the enjoyment to play for long periods of time. 

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