5 Game Franchises That Need to Come Back

We all know a few franchises that haven't had the treatment they deserve.whether it's due to financial difficulties, teams shutting down or simply because everyone forgot about them. So here's 5 of our favorite franchises that need a comeback! No, Bubsy is not on this list.

5 Game Franchises That Need to Come Back


It’s happened to all of us. Think back to your favorite console of games gone by and inevitably your mind will wonder onto a franchise that really made that console unique to you. For what ever reason however, those games never saw sequels outside of that generation and it sucks.

With so many HD remasters, remakes, reboots and sequels out and upcoming, it's easy to see why some are calling this generation of gaming the Recycled Era. Is that a bit harsh? Probably, but I digress.
Nevertheless, here are 5 franchises that I would love to see return to this generation or next!
This list will contain as little spoilers as possible.

05. Eternal Darkness

5 Game Franchises That Need to Come Back. Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness for the GameCube is a survival horror game in which you play as various characters from different eras. Already that’s an interesting concept. But what makes it really unique is the way it scares you as player. You see, your character has a Sanity Meter (kinda Like Amnesia) and the more negative stuff he/she sees, the more the gameplay is affected. From volumes turning down to inverting your controllers, to Console error screens, Eternal Darkness does an amazing job at messing with you(the player). Which begs the question; is sanity meter actually yours? With most consoles these days always hooked up to HD screens and internet with decent speeds, imagine how else this game could “mind fudge” us?

Apparently a spiritual successor called Nights Of The Eternals was in the works but it appears the project has gone cold.

04. Jak & DAXTER

5 Game Franchises That Need to Come Back. Jak & Daxter

Now I was told by a colleague that this article could only go on the site if I included this franchise. And after FINALLY playing most of the games (sorry I was more a Ratchet & Clank guy) I have to agree. The environments, the music, the humor, the graphics just shine, even today! I will say however that over time, the franchise rather lost its roots. For me, 1st game was by far the most enjoyable with its story driven, almost open world platform games! so I feel a reboot would be in order. But hey that is only my opinion.

03. Pirates Of The Caribbean

5 Game Franchises That Need to Come Back. Pirates Of The Caribbean
Yup! I liked the 1st POTC games. Come at me!
But those polarizing Movie-To-Game titles are not what I want to come back. You see, a few years ago there was a POTC game in development that would have had players create their OWN pirate and crew in order to conquer the seas… but as you can probably tell by all the past tense, the game was cancelled. Now that the movies have wrapped up however, I would love to see this game resurrected! Imagine a No Mans Sky but with pirates, ships and islands! We could call it No Mans Land! No? Ok fine YOU come up with a better game!

02. Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve

One of the best Survival Horror games on the PS1 by the RPG monsters, Squaresoft (Now Square Enix). What made the game so memorable (aside from the infamous transformation scenes…yuk!)  was the RPG elements sprinkled on to the traditional Survival Horror gameplay. The games battle mechanics for example, were similar to that of Dragon Age’s (pause, aim and fire in real time) when you use your kinetic abilities

With unique, deformed monsters, a character with upgradable weapons and special kinetic abilities, this game deserves the Resident Evil treatment. Heck, I would settle for a remake!

01. GEX

5 Game Franchises That Need to Come Back. Gex

Every time I talk to people about this bloody game, they all say the same thing: Gex is too 90’s, it wouldn’t work today. And that’s exactly why its number at 01 on this list. For anyone who hasn’t played the games, Gex’s main gimmick is that he gets to traverse through different TV channels and explore different themes, all while making snarky remarks and jokes.

Sure that may not translate too well today's tech. But in my opinion, Gex would be perfect at taking the mick out of today's internet trends, especially with memes and such. He already has an iconic design and character! All he needs is a good dust down and a shiny new game with relevant references and that is perfectly doable! What franchise do you think need resurrecting?

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