Sonic Mania Plus Revealed with Extra Content

Sega fans rejoice! More Sonic Mania is incoming! Fans will be delighted to know that a physical edition of the game is coming with neat additions. Run, jump and roll as more of Sonic's friends with the new update that will also come when the game drops like a drop dash this summer 2018.

Sonic Mania Plus Revealed with Extra Content
Sega had a mixed year in 2017 with the Sonic franchise. While Sonic Forces bombed commercially and critically, one redeeming game was 2D platforming game, Sonic Mania. This game was worked on by Christian Whitehead, who ported the retro games onto the mobile platforms. As a true fan of the series, he provided the fans with what they wanted, which even Sonic Team themselves haven't been able to do as of late.

This game received wide critical acclaim and pretty good commercial acclaim, especially considering the fact that this was download only. But now, this game is finally getting a physical release, dubbed as Sonic Mania Plus. But this is no mere re-release only as a physical copy, for with the game will come an update that revives series classics Ray the Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo. "Also the game will include a new ‘Encore Mode’ and a four-player competition mode."  This edition of the game also comes with a holographic 32-page art book in addition to a Mega Driver cover slip that's also reversible. This will be sold at a standard price of $29.99 and release this year around the same time as the original, in summer.

The original game remixed classic levels with beautiful pixel art and gave them a fresh yet refreshing feel. The new stages are also some of the best that the series has to offer, with excellent music and gameplay to boot, with the addition of the drop dash. More of this is only a good thing. 

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