Undertale announced for Nintendo Switch

The fan-favorite RPG where nobody (or everybody, if you're evil) has to die, and you can date a skeleton, is coming to seemingly everybody's new favorite handheld/console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch!

Undertale announced for Nintendo Switch
Starting out as a Kickstarter-backed, one-man project for PC, Undertale gained a massive fan base when it launched in 2015, thanks to the unique game mechanics of not having to fight in any encounters, an equally haunting and upbeat soundtrack, and a cast of lovable characters put in a tragic situation.

Two years later, the game launched on both PS4 and Vita, and it's finally coming to a Nintendo platform!

The launch trailer shows Sans and Papyrus complaining about the dark and being their usual silly selves, until Sans reveals the game coming to Switch with a characteristically bad pun.

Don't expect the game on Switch any time soon, however. It'll be coming… "eventually." It looks like we'll be in the dark about the release date for a while, until Toby Fox decides to flip the switch.

Undertale for Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer (Nintendo Direct)

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