Best Team Online Multiplayer Games

Do you think you're good at first person shooters or MOBAs? Do you carry like no one's business? Do you pwn noobs on the regular without discrimination or inhibition? If you answered yes to all of these questions then chances are you enjoy PvP online multiplayer games. And while there's definite merit and skill that goes hand in hand with being a lone wolf, the gaming experience is sometimes better enhanced when you share those skills with a team. Luckily for everyone, cooperative games aren't in short supply. There are a ton of online games that require delegation, communication and cooperation in equal measure if you want to stand a chance of defeating the enemy team.

Best Team Online Multiplayer Games
Before diving in, however, roles have to be determined and responsibilities split. Preparation and coordination is often key when playing with a group or clan. For this reason, many clans use third party software such as Teamspeak to remain in constant communication in-game and out, as create their own clan website to better administer the team. Having these elements in place makes the entire team experience considerably more smooth, and once you have them systemized the only decision left to make is which game to play.


While not the pioneer of the Battle Royale game type, Fortnite brings its own quirky and slightly ridiculous spin to the genre. You and three team members are deposited on an island (by a pimped out flying school bus – don't ask) and have to scavenge weapons and other supplies to defeat other players as the playable area gets consistently smaller. It requires steady communication and unwavering commitment to your team if you're going to become the last clan standing. For a more realistic take on the genre, in the spirit of Arma, check out Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

Best Team Online Multiplayer Games. Fortnite Battle Royale


One of the most classic MOBA style games, Dota 2 is highly dependent on teamwork and is arguably unwinnable unless everyone works together. Two teams of five battle it out to destroy each other's main tower, levelling up and killing each other's heroes along the way. Each player has to take on a roll – for example a support, a carry or tank – to form one cohesive team unit that can successfully counter the other team. It's immensely exciting, often frustrating, and takes quite some time to learn, but Dota 2 is dependent on cohesive teamwork for victory.

Best Team Online Multiplayer Games. Dota 2


Let's be honest: we've all thought about robbing a bank (haven't we?). Well Payday 2 lets you and your friends do just this, participating a spree of complicated heists and other crimes (drug trafficking runs, rigging elections, stealing nuclear warheads, to name a few) that can only be pulled off with the utmost precision and forethought. Working together, you and your teammates have to case the joint in question, fight off police and other specialized crime units, and make a clean or dirty getaway without getting shot or arrested. Crime doesn't pay? It does if you work together.

Best Team Online Multiplayer Games. Payday 2

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