Weekly News Roundup Issue #4

It's that time of the week again, when we provide a concise summary of the weekly gaming news. This week has been exciting for gamers, as the next Call of Duty title has been revealed, Disney have made a load of exciting announcements for Star Wars fans, and DESOLATE, an exciting horror survival game, is out on Steam Early Access. So please read on, and see what the biggest news has been in the gaming industry this week.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #4

The Next Call of duty confirmed 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #4 - Black Ops 4 likely to be next Call of Duty game
A multitude a reports surfaced on Thursday pretty much confirming what the next title would be to the Call of Duty franchise. The next game, which is reported to be Black Ops 4, will be developed by Treyarch, so it is highly likely we will hear an official announcement in coming months. But despite this, specific details are very limited, and it is unknown when the game will be set. To see more details about the upcoming game, please be sure to check out our article.

New Star Wars announcements made by disney 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #4 - Disney make a series of Star War related announcements
Earlier this week, Disney made some new announcements regarding Star Wars, which they purchased in 2012. One of the key announcements was the confirmation that the Game of Thrones writers, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, will be collaborating in the future of the Star Wars franchise. If you're interested in seeing the other announcements made, see our article showcasing the details.

Free Games on Xbox and Playstation 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #4 - Free games with 'Games and Gold' and 'PS Plus'
As part of the Xbox Live, and PS Plus service, both provide monthly free games to players. For Xbox owners, some great titles such as: the reboot of the 1997 FPS Shadow Warrior, and Crazy Taxi are included. And, subscribers of a PS Plus subscription can look forward to some great titles like: Knack (on the PS4), and Grand Kingdom (on the PS Vita). 

PUBG Mobile game looks SURPRISINGLY good

Weekly News Roundup Issue #4 - Mobile edition of PUBG looks surprisingly good
Many gamers were shocked about how popular PUBG became in 2017, especially after it hit over two million concurrent players, beating the likes of Dota 2. The mobile edition of the game was recently released in China, and seems to be a hit over there so far. Although there has been no announcement of an international release, check out our article which has some screenshots of how surprisingly good the game looks.

Desolate released on Steam early access

Weekly News Roundup Issue #4 - DESOLATE is now available on Steam Early Access
Although this may be a minor title, the release of DESOLATE onto Steam Early Access, is exciting news for fans of survival horror games, such as the old H1Z1. Despite initial reports saying that the game was predicted a December 2017 launch, it is now available on Steam. If, like myself, you're are a fan of this genre, spend some time looking at Dmytro's article

ACTIVATION still profiting from micro-transactions 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #4 - Activision making high profits from micro-transactions
Despite the controversy of loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront II, a high amount of other gaming companies seem to be profiting well from micro-transactions. Activision are definitely one of those, as it was recently reported that they made over $4 billion in micro-transactions from titles such as: Call of Duty: WWII, Overwatch, and even the mobile game Candy Crush. For a deeper analysis of the Activision's monetary success, please be sure to see our article.  

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