Fortnite Battle Royale: 5 Pro Tips for a Victory Royale

Need help climbing the ranks in Epic’s Fortnite: Battle Royale? Here are 5 tips for advanced players to not only help you survive but earn you that highly sought after Victory Royale. These tips will cover inventory organization, using terrain and high ground, communication, special moves and base building.
Fortnite Battle Royale: 5 Pro Tips for a Victory Royale

If you're an intermediate player and have gotten a hang of the basics of the game this guide is for you. Likely, you are able to get a kill or two in most matches, but somehow you always seem to fall within the top 20 surviving or top 10 surviving and always just short of that Victory Royale. These tips will help you close the gap and get you that victory you deserve! These tips are cross-platform and apply to Fortnite: Battle Royale played on any console or PC.

1. Watch What You're Packing

By now, you must’ve noticed that you have 5 weapon/item slots. Furthermore, you must’ve noticed the annoyance of having to cycle through your inventory to get to the correct weapon on-the-fly. In a game like Fortnite one second of lag time selecting the correct weapon can easily spell death. So be sure to organize your weapons in the order you need them with healing/special items always being last.

Fortnite Battle Royale: 5 Pro Tips for a Victory Royale - Inventory
Normally, having the first three slots filled in the following order works for most players:

Normal Range Weapon->Close Range Weapon->Long Range Weapon 

However, be sure to do what works best for you. For example, some players will fill 2 slots with the same weapon like so:

Assault Rifle->Shotgun->Shotgun

This paradigm eliminates the need to reload when you're in close contact with enemies. Instead of having to wait 2 seconds for the gun to reload, you can instantly switch to the exact same gun that’s already fully loaded.

2. Make For The Hills!

With Fortnite and many shooting games like it, getting to high ground gives you a large tactical advantage over your enemies. Simply because it is much more difficult to shoot upwards than downwards. With the game’s building mechanic, players who have higher ground can easily hide behind the fort they’ve built or the landscape itself.

Using the terrain to your advantage is key. For example, if you’re on the top of a hill you can simply position yourself behind the hill’s peak to shield you from enemy fire. Trees, houses, buildings, and player-built forts can be destroyed, but the game’s terrain cannot.

3. Communicate (Squad Mode)

In Squad mode there are numerous players that don’t have a mic, but that’s ok! Using the in-game map overlay, players can set waypoints for each other indicating where you want to land and where you want to go next. Furthermore, if you have a mic, communicating to your teammates using the numbered compass can draw your entire squad’s fire in the same direction increasing your chances for defeating enemy squads. Nothing infuriates me more than players who play Squad mode and always land separately from the rest of the squad. If that’s your game, stay in Solo mode!

4. Pro Move: Jump->Spin->Build

Although you have 100 health points and if you find shields you can add 100 shield points, that sure goes quickly when you’re being hit. In Fortnite your character is not very durable. Thus, when being shot at, building is necessary to block enemy fire.

Fortnite Battle Royale: 5 Pro Tips for a Victory Royale - Wall
When being shot at from behind always follow this simple 3-step procedure.

  • Jump to evade enemy fire
  • Spin while in the air to face your enemy and build in the proper direction and then simultaneously switch to building mode
  • Build a wall to block enemy fire. If your enemy is only coming from this one direction, the next step would be to attach a staircase which adds defense and gives you higher ground.

5. Get Away From Me!

When in squads, another important thing to do is build separate forts or bases. Typically this only comes into play at the end of the match when the playing area has become miniscule. Normally at this stage, the players with better weapons and better forts win the match. However, many teams make the mistake of staying in one base together.

Fortnite Battle Royale: 5 Pro Tips for a Victory Royale - Forts
This is problematic because 1. It’s easier defeat a squad that’s confined to one small area and 2. You have less offensive capabilities if you’re all shooting from the same place. So instead, build at least 2 bases as a squad if you have the resources. They don’t have to be so far apart. 2 bases just a few meters apart means enemies must watch two places simultaneously and can be shot from two angles as well.

Be sure to try some of these tips out in your next match and if we missed anything, please let us know in the comments below some of your own pro-tips for earning a Victory Royale!

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