Top 10 Skyrim Armor Mods Vol. 2

We already brought you a list of top armor mods for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but the modding doesn't stop. So here we are again, for your convenience with another list of our top 10 armors to make you look like a badass.

Top Skyrim Armor Mods

As with the first “Top 10 Skyrim armor mods” article, this one also aims to help you find the absolute best armor mods for Skyrim so you can roleplay a multitude of different characters and keep your game fresh. It certainly helps that you’ll look amazing while jumping around Tamriel’s northernmost region.

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Top Skyrim Armor Mods Knight Lucard

Knight Lucard is a very tame armor set, in other words, it’s quite lore friendly. It’s available in gold and dark steel styles. Gold one is great for roleplaying a dwemer character and the dark one fits great for a more standard fantasy dark knight roleplay.


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Ysgramor

Certain ruins of Skyrim are littered with statues of Ysgramor and you’ve probably thought to yourself – “Man, that’s one badass helmet. I wish I had that.” Well, instead of it being just a trophy, this mod adds a wearable version so you can roleplay as the man himself in all his enormous glory.


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Tyrael

If you ever played Diablo, you know who Tyrael is. Well now you can be your favorite angel of justice and wisdom, but only in Skyrim. It adds both light armor and heavy armor variants in light and dark color scheme.  Combine it with a flying mod to really drive the roleplay home and descend upon the unknowing peasants in your shiny new robes.


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Lost Paladins Wrath

For the standard fantasy that is Elder Scrolls, there’s surprisingly little of standard fantasy knightly armor. Lost Paladins fixes that with by adding an awesome looking knights armor in both male and female version. All other evil hunters can hide under a rock while you are wearing this one. 


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Seratic

If you ever played Infinity Blade on the iOS, you know Seratic armor. It’s an amazing set that comes in both male and female variants with 3 styles of different colors to boot.


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Horus

You can see by the image that Hours armor is highly impractical, not lore friendly but we just couldn’t resist featuring it due to how good it looks. There is a variant for both male and female and it still offers enough roleplaying potential as far as we’re concerned. An outsider? A god? Take your pick.


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Kynreeve

When playing Skyrim, I always strive toward daedric equipment cause let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to be a demonic looking badass with spikes protruding from their every limb? No? Well here is a mod that could very well be the daedric armor for a sequel. Originally made for a follower, this mod makes it available to the player. It features glow in the dark parts and will get you all set for playing a dark knight type of character.


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Mandu

Mandu armor is an insanely detailed set with two variants for male and female characters. One white and one dark. Besides the ornate details on the chest piece, the two most standout features are the dragon shoulder pads and helmet. It’s an armor for a true dragon knight that fits well in the world of Skyrim.



Top Skyrim Armor Mods Goyen

Goyen armor, from Black Desert Online and Skyrim are like a match made in heaven. The dragon knight theme and the design fit well with a sort of endgame armor that seems like a fitting reward for becoming the savior of the world and a certified dragon lord.


Top Skyrim Armor Mods Shudad

Shudad armor has got to be one of our most favorite armor mods for Skyrim. I mean, just look at it. Also ported from Black Desert Online with an insane amount of detail. The spiky protrusions on the back really put a nail in the awesome that is this armor.

Mods for Skyrim don’t stop so we brought you a second list of top Skyrim armor mods. As the community is still going strong this might not be the last. Do you have any armor mods that you think should be included next or you want to bring to the attention of the player base? Sound off in the comments below.

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