Warframe Raises The Dead In Latest Update

Since the Plains of Eidolon update dropped for Warframe, all Tenno stood in wonder. It was the biggest update developer Digital Extremes had ever applied to their ever expanding game. The latest update applies to to the Plains and gives Tenno something new to shoot at and something new to shoot it with. Ghoul Purge Bounties offer completely new enemy types with unpredictable attack patterns. The latest update, released today, also offers extensive new customisation options for your Orbiter.

Warframe Raises The Dead In Latest Update
Players will return to the Plains of Eidolon to find an altogether new blight, outside the doors of Cetus. Foul beings of Grineer origin, called Ghouls now roam the lands. The may appear in a Ghoul alert, bounty or perhaps players will stumble into a graveyard – where the ghouls are born. Tenno have four different kinds to look forward to killing. The Rictus Ghoul wields a deadly buzzsaw that it uses for quick transportation across the Plains. The Auger Ghoul will surprise the Tenno by burying underground and performing sneak attacks with its dual flamethrowers. Lastly, the Expired Ghoul will be one to look out for as it rushes the Tenno with spikes fists, primed to blow after a good beating!

Warframe Raises The Dead In Latest Update - Ghoul types

Gouls And The Weapons To Kill Them With

While Digital Extremes has never shied away from delivering fresh new challenges to the most grizzled of Tenno, they also offer new weaponry to take on this new scourge of the Plains. The chunky Corinth is a double barrelled shotgun that focuses on high damage with explosive results. Sleek and deadly, the Gunsen offers to serve up quick slash damage against foes. Why stick with one blade when you can have several in a fan of blades? The Quartakk rifle is a similar counterpart to the Corinth, offering four barrels of high damage rifle attacks. Lastly, for the nimble and movement focused Tenno out there, we have the Stubba – an uzi weapon most favoured by the Grineer. 

Warframe Raises The Dead In Latest Update - Sporting the Gunsen

Those who may have explored the Plains in their entirety already will be pleased to learn that new energy has arrived with this update. Not only has Digital Extremes brought new dynamic weather to the Plains, offering limited sight to the grinner, but Focus 2.5 has also finally landed. It offers focus refunds, reduced node costs, shared capacity and more. Check with your pilot to see what’s new.

Home is where the heart is 

Warframe Raises The Dead In Latest Update - Personal Living Quarters
Lastly, the best is saved for last. Cosmetics fans are going to love Warframe’s new Personal Living Quarters, found on board the Orbiter. Customisation options abound as the Personal Living Quarters offers a mini diorama stage (fully customizable with poseable figurines), a bed, toys, wallpapers and a fish tank. Tenno can even invite one another to check out their very own personalised Warframe bedroom! 

It's never too late to explore the Warframe universe. Ninjas play free, Tenno. Which means you can download it right now on PC, PS4 or Steam and become a part of Warframe's ever expanding universe. 

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