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New patch introduces the Magnificent Magician to Battlerite

The Frozen Mists event is over, and it is time for a new patch. Patch 1.3 brings a new hero and a lot of changes, together with champion updates and UI fixes in Battlerite.

New patch introduces the Magnificent Magician to Battlerite
When the famous theatre troupe ‘The Phantomine Masquerade’ disbanded after a tragic series of events, Zander, their magnificent magician, vanished without a trace. This distinguished illusionist, known for his unparalleled perfection in card trickery, teleportation, misdirection, duplication and transformation has now returned from the dead to turn the otherwise ceremonial arenas world-wide into spectacular revelries.

Here's the preview for Zander, the Magnificent Magician:

For more details on the actual changes, check out the official blog post.

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